Iced Cherry Blossom Cocktail Recipe

Iced Cherry Blossom Cocktail

I was just in DC for a work trip, a little premature for the cherry blossoms but they were certainly on my mind. Who could not think of these beautiful blossoms.

Iced Cherry Blossom Cocktail
Iced Cherry Blossom Cocktail

During my travels, I picked up a cherry blossom elixir, a simple sugar syrup. With this in hand, I asked myself, what would a cherry blossom taste like? I know, such a weird thought. How about a FROZEN cherry blossom I took some artistic liberties with this cocktail, obviously.

Iced Cherry Blossom Cocktail

1.0oz Ours Vodka

2.5oz Cranberry Ice

0.5oz Cherry Blossom Elixer

Just mix this up in a shaker and pour in a coupe glass. Voila! If you cannot find the Cherry Elixir, make a quick simple syrup to put in this drink.

Enjoy this delicate, yet fun drink babes! xo



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