Hangover Recovery

Hangover Recovery

Hangover Recovery was created so you can wake up the morning after celebration feeling great and geared up to take back your day. With help from a prominent Scientific Lab partnership in Korea, they
harness the latest research, proprietary extraction methods and best
ingredients to help you feel energized and productive the next day.

What led to Hangover Recovery formula breakthrough was a liver condition diagnosed to their Founder, despite his low alcohol consumption, he would still experience heavy hangovers. Having become obsessed to find a solution for “morning-after misery”,in 2014 partnered with one of the most prominent R&D labs in Korea- which pioneered in extensive Hangover Remedies Research. This partnership contributed to foundational research behind Hovenia Dulcis- Our Super Antioxidant Herb- and by adding other powerful hepatoprotective Vegan ingredients successfully developed the revolutionary formula behind Hangover Recovery



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