StretchPatch - Stretch Mark Remover

StretchPatch – Stretch Mark Remover

I’m not gonna lie, but I have stretch marks from weight gain. Now, that I’ve lost weight, it’s more important than ever to feel comfortable in my skin. So I’ve tried StretchPatch, a new stretch mark remover, created with highly effective ingredients that are specifically designed to aid in skin health and regeneration. StretchPatch also acknowledges the beauty of one’s stretch marks by promoting confidence in your own skin.

 Scars are created in the deeper layer (dermis) of the skin and when left to heal by themselves, they fill with thick scar tissue, lacking proper care and hydration. Luckily, StretchPatch goes below the surface, hydrating and smoothing your skin, while decreasing discoloration, width and depth of scars and enabling skin regeneration. When the StretchPatch is placed on the skin, it helps increase the circulation and opens the pores to deliver all the key ingredients to aid in collagen production.

StretchPatch recognizes the differences between skin types, which is why they created formulas for ALL skin types:

These patches are a miracle.



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