Vavoom Vodka Martini

Vavoom Vodka Martini

Do you remember your first Martini? I do.

I was with a dear older friend who made me my first. It was an eye opening experience.

To make this classic knockout drink, I used Vavoom Vodka, a gluten-free, five times distilled premium spirit. The artistic, handcrafted bottle makes the vodka perfect for a unique and thoughtful gift, or to stand out beautifully on the top shelf of a bar display. Vavoom’s vodka flawlessly depicts the company’s message to “Be beautiful. Be you.”

I used Vavoom Vodka for this drink. It's va va voom.
I used Vavoom Vodka for this drink. It’s va va voom.

Vavoom Martini

2oz Vavoom Vodka

1oz Dry Vermouth

2 dashes orange bitters

Thick-cut lemon peel, for garnish

Shake this drink up in a shaker and pour in a classic martini glass.

I decided not to use a garnish since this glass from Big Mouth is just too cute.


Voila. Enjoy this classic.



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