Malfy Rosa Gin & Tonic

There’s nothing like a nice G&T. Not everyone is a gin lover but Malfy Gin can make anyone’s mind change on this spirit.

Malfya Italian Gin inspired by the Amalfi Coast. Distilled with fine botanicals including hand-picked juniper, Italian lemons, pink grapefruits, oranges and married with Italian water, Malfy is a truly unique gin.

Malfy is the epitome of Amalfi life; a world of vibrant colors against a spectacular backdrop of sun and sea. Malfy invites friends to enjoy “La Dolce Vita’ – the sweet art of doing nothing. It’s where people gather, sip refreshing gin cocktails and life a Malfy life.

Mafly’s full range includes four distinct and delicious variants: Malfy  Limone, Malfy Aranica, Malfy Gin Rosa, and Malfy Originale.

I made a Malfy Rosa Gin & Tonic with the unforgettable pink Rosa Gin and boy, it was good.

Malfy Rosa Gin & Tonic

1 part Malfy Gin Rosa

3 parts premium tonic water

Pink grapefruit wheel + rosemary sprig

Build ingredients in a Copa Glass or collins over cubed ice + gently stir to combine

Garnish with a wheel of pink grapefruit + a sprig of rosemary

Drink up! XO



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