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1792 Bourbon with Uncle Ralph McDaniels, Ice T – October 26, 2022

On October 26, I joined 1792 Bourbon and hip-hop historian Uncle Ralph McDaniels  for an untypical evening gathering legends of their crafts in the heart of NYC. Featuring live performances and Video Music Box-style interviews with hip-hop royalty including Ice T, among others; signature cocktails created by mixologist Shannon Mustipher; neat tastings of the full 1792 portfolio; dinner and surprises around every corner.

I first got to Sony Music Hall and was very intrigued by the storied venue. Walking down the stairs, I found a bar with different 1792 expressions that I tried neat while listening to a brass band playing some of today’s hits.

Then I mosied my way to the bar and tried some of the 1792 Bourbon cocktails. I had three to choose from including 1792’s version of a Negroni, but my favorite was the Lei’ed Back that had pineapple , lemon, and lime juice with grendine and of course 1792’s small batch.

Then we had some drinks tucked away at the side of the theater in a tub… in between different food bars including a french fry bar!

Then Uncle Ralph came out and interviewed Wyclef Jean. We heard some great stories and of course, Shakira’s name popped up.

Then ICE-T came out and entertained us from stories from the beginning to some of his raps to his time on Law & Order. It was a real retrospect of this career.

It was a real unexpected night and a lot of fun! Definitely one for the books.



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