Peached Infused Moscow Mule

Moscow Mules are some of the best cocktails to have this time of year. They’re so easy to make yet the ginger beer makes the take more complex with a sweet bite to it.

I wanted to make something a little bit different – I’ve been yearning to make some infused vodka since I used to do it a little more and my new run club seems to have a knack for making Kahlua and other amazing spirits. I went to my cabinet and played around with some of the different Stash Tea and landed on Peach. I took some Fuzzy’s vodka and poured it into a small container with the tea bag and left it overnight.

For this lovely drink, I used Uncle Waithley’s Ginger Beer made by Karl Franz Williams, Caribbean-American mixologist, restaurateur and owner of Harlem’s 67 Orange Street and New Haven’s Anchor Spa. They recently expanded Uncle Waithley’s Vincy Brew, Ginger Beer with Scotch Bonnet Pepper. A non-alcoholic small batch ginger beer, Uncle Waithley’s is a refreshing beverage and an ideal mixer to add great ginger flavor to cocktails and mocktails. It’s made with fresh, flavorful, all-natural ingredients (not extracts) that are balanced in the way only a true mixologist could. Uncle Waithley’s is uniquely enhanced with Scotch Bonnet, a pepper prized throughout the Caribbean and Africa, for its heat and flavor, giving the drink a spicy finish. Uncle Waithley’s is the only authentic Caribbean ginger beer with Scotch Bonnet on the market today. 

Peached Infused Moscow Mule

2.0oz Peach Infused Vodka (I used Fuzzy’s)

0.5oz Lemon Juice

3.0oz Uncle Waithley’s Ginger Beer

Drink up and enjoy! xo



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