Face Mask for Runners, Dancers, Yogis & More With Far-Infrared Technology for Comfort, Protection and Skin Health Benefits
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Face Mask for Runners, Dancers, Yogis & More With Far-Infrared Technology for Comfort, Protection and Skin Health Benefits

Are you wearing a mask? I seem to have a few go to’s when I go out into the world. Now that NYS is allowing us to go to the gym, I’ll need to learn how to workout with one on.

Infrawear, announces the availability of the RxMask, a tubular seamless headband-styled protective face mask made from yarn embedded with biophotonic nano-technology that emits far-infrared rays. Far-infrared is a specific wavelength that has been shown to increase microcirculation and muscle oxygenation. Consequently, the mask is comfortable, antimicrobial, durable and anti-odor. The mask is made from the same fabric as Infrawear’s successful RxBra, which helps breast health immediately after surgery and for years to come because the technology will never wash out. The RxMask has the addition of AG+ yarn, a silver ion yarn technology with antimicrobial properties. The fibers in both the RxMask and RxBra modify visible and infrared light, recycling them into energy that the body can use more effectively.

Infrawear is the go-to resource for medical professionals, hospitals and first responders for critical PPE and COVID-19 testing and antibody kits. We have a passion for innovation and an established track record for getting things done quickly and efficiently. As an FDA IV.D (4D) notify listed and registered Class 2 medical device importer, the company leverages its deep operational supply chain experience to source and import critical PPE and supplies such as N95 masks, gowns, testing kits and antibody tests. As the exclusive distributor and partner for Genesprint Group Ltd. Infrawear provides access to their sought after rapid COVID-19 tests, including NCOV-19 IGM/ IGG antibody test kit as well as its PCR Swab Test for COVID-19. Infrawear is also the parent company of RxBra, which manufactures proprietary vertical, and post-surgical garments to plastic surgeons. Our company is recommended by the American Hospital Association and is well-known for providing ease of access to high-demand supplies, putting them in the hands of those in need for today’s ever and rapidly-evolving medical demands. Infrawear LLC is a US-based company headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices in New York and Ohio. Learn more by visiting:

Me with the face mask
Me with the face mask

I recently wore mine while getting my eyebrows done. I like that it goes around the head and has holes to put the ears.

When wearing the mask, consumers can easily pull down their mask and reposition it without needing to adjust the earholes, making it suitable for use during exercise, dance, and yoga. Available in black, cream, red and blue for the fashion-conscious wearer and are designed to become part of your daily wardrobe.  The masks are also designed to have wellness properties. Most spas and tanning salons have infrared treatments and in the aftermath of COVID-19, many spas remain closed and consumers cannot receive these anti-aging skin treatments. The RxMask is engineered to improve skin appearance and reduce the risk of skin irritation, mask acne or ‘maskne’ caused by sweat, skin oils, and bacteria being trapped on the fabric or on the skin under the mask.

The RxMask is available through and is priced at $USD 25.00.



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