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Booze + Beauty Gift Guide 2021

It’s that time of year again! Here are some of the best finds this holiday season.

Chillax’n™ CBD Diffuser

Inspired by the laid-back Florida lifestyle, Chillax’n™ CBD products are to melt away soreness and tension, provide relief to your achy joints and boost your brain and metabolism. Chillax’n™ CBD includes beverage enhancers, on-the go shots & mouth sprays, tinctures, lotions and aromatherapy candles designed to bring together your most awesome “chill” and “relax” moments until you are officially Chillax’n. I love the diffuser. It’s perfect on my nightstand to help me ease me into slumber.

Price: $24.99

FEBE Candles

Get a jump on the holidays with FEBE Candles, a new brand that recently launched its vegan, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free candle collection. There is something for everyone, from luscious aromas of cocoa butter cashmere to yes, man cave notes! Handpoured in gold glam vessels, the coconut wax candles are perfect for any home decor and heat up quickly to blissfully envelope a room. 

Price: $16.00

Patron Silver

Patrón Silver is handcrafted from the finest 100% Weber Blue Agave and is carefully distilled in small batches at Hacienda Patrón distillery in Jalisco, Mexico.

Price: $50.00

Adagio Teas 12 Teas of Christmas

Adagio Teas is happy to announce the launch of its newly redesigned 12 Teas of Christmas gift set. With its whimsical theme and reusable packaging, it is an exciting ready-to-give gift that is sure to bring 12 days of joy to anyone who will receive it.

Price: $24.00


CBDME is the next generation of hemp-based wellness products. They connect people to the power of nature’s remedies through hemp-based wellness products. The cooling tingle of peppermint essential oil paired with lavender’s zen qualities create a perfectly balanced blend. Lavender Mint features 30 mg of broad spectrum CBD paired with certified organic hemp oil, Fair Trade Certified™ cocoa butter and coconut oil for an all-around lip moisturizing experience.

CBD ME Lavender Lip Balm comes in 3 different flavors: Natural, Orange, and Mint.

Last Call

Available on Amazon, Last Call, the best new drinking game, features enough variety to play all night long! Answer ridiculous questions, compete in hilarious challenges and yes, drink. Just shuffle the cards, go around the room drawing from the top of the deck, and follow the instructions on each card. This adult party game is super easy to follow along with — even for the most tipsy of friends. Last Call is the perfect game for parties and group game nights!

Price: $11.99

Wild Turkey 101

Real Kentucky. Est. 1855. Wild Turkey Kentucky Straight Bourbon is a legendary American icon, expertly crafted by our Master Distiller Jimmy Russell and his son, Eddie. This bourbon is made with Kentucky limestone-purified water and the best ingredients available. Wild Turkey is aged to perfection in heavily-charred white oak barrels. It’s bottles when it reaches its full complex flavor of caramel and vanilla. This is how bourbon is meant to be – passionately genuine with uncompromised excellence. 50.5% alc./vol. 101 proof. Bottled by the Austin, Nichols Distilling Company, Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, USA.

Price: $50.00

Vitabrid CG

Vitabrid CG is a stabilizedform of Vitamin C, developed by submerging pure vitamin C in between bio-friendly mineral layers. 

This technology delivers active vitamin C deep into the dermis layer of the skin for over 12 hours.

Price: $39-72.00


Facial moisturizer is easily the most important step in your skincare routine, and with laser and resurfacing treatments trending right now hydration is key! Masktini’s Woke Bae will give you the wokest glow of your life while being gentle on your skin!

Woke Bae is a lightweight moisturizer that can be used on any skin type, both day and night. Made with hydrating apple extract to boost moisture content and hyaluronic acid to lock in smoothing hydration, this is the perfect product to spritz on AM/PM …or whenevs! This spritz is perfect for post laser treatments as it is hydrating and you don’t have to touch your already tender skin!

With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s time to start planning the ultimate holiday parties. Luckily for you, Simon’s Secret Sauce is here to zest up any dish with their delicious vegan sauce! 

Price: $55.00

Simon’s Secret Sauce

Simon’s Secret Sauce comes in three different flavors, Original, Spicy, and Truffle. Each is created with the same vegan, kosher, gluten-free ingredients. From meats to veggies, to salads, to dipping sauces, there isn’t anything the sauces don’t pair well with. The best part? These sauces are catered to almost every dietary need, making it perfect for hosting holiday dinner’s. Whether your diet is Weight Watchers, Keto, plant-based, or simply just trying to eat healthily, this sauce is for you.

Price: $17.50


Campari is an Italian aperitivo with a signature red color and versatile bitter flavor. Campari is a staple ingredient for your home bar as it is the base for dozens of classic cocktails and variations including the Negroni. Campari was created in 1860 by Gaspare Campari in Novara, Italy. It has been made according to a secret family recipe for 160 years.



Scapegrace Black comes from New Zealand’s Scapegrace Distillery founded by brothers-in-law Mark Neal and Daniel McLaughlin. They have created such special products over the years that they won World’s Best London Dry Gin at the International Wine & Spirits Competition in London in 2018 for their Gold Gin. After years of trial and error, Scapegrace launched Scapegrace Black, a naturally black gin that changes color that sold out in New Zealand in one day.  Today it is available stateside for the first time.

The key to Scapegrace Black is that it is naturally black, using no artificial colors or flavors – no gimmicks here. The master distiller and founders studied the nature of black and came up with a combination of botanicals, using sweet potato, aronia berry, pineapple, and saffron, as well as Butterfly pea flower sourced from Southeast Asia, to give Scapegrace Black it’s gorgeous noir hue and a flavor profile that has wowed bartenders and gin fans worldwide. Scapegrace Black has an exciting nose of pineapple and lemon, followed by spicy juniper. It is a unique gin, marrying a gin-drinker’s love of juniper with something dark, delightfully devious and beautifully unexpected. The sip is full-bodied on the palate, with unctuous pepper and oil, a hint of mint and dreamy undertones of starch mingling with tropical fruits. The finish will give you visions of freshly mowed grass, sweet earth and herbs. The showstopper? When mixed with tonic and/or citrus, Scapegrace Black goes from noir to a light lavender.

Price: $39.99

Stash Tea

In the past, tea was a tool for rebellion and sparked wars. Now it’s become a source of quiet and comfort. But not to us. To us, tea is an opportunity. To excite the senses. To surprise your taste buds. With a diverse range of bold flavors and bright colors. Hell, even “normal” flavors have some kind of weird or wonderful twist. No, Stash isn’t a bag of tea. It’s a little bag of crazy. And it’s about time we show it.

Price: $3.95

Le Grand Verre

Le Grand Verre Château Val D’Arenc 2020 ($30 / 4 Pack) — There’s rosé, then there’s Bandol rosé. Consistently ranked 90 points by critics worldwide this organic-certified Provencal blend of Mourvèdre (80%), Grenache (10%), and Cinsault (10%) offers a beautiful pale blush color and notes of grapefruit, peach, and raspberry. Long considered the best appellation in Provence, Bandol is spicier, structured, and more flavorful than your typical rosé thanks to Mourvédre. It’s often more expensive with top bottles putting you back $50+. The wine was produced by young, innovative winemaker Gérald Damidot, and under his leadership the estate converted to organic farming practices in 2015 significantly enhancing the quality of the wine. 13.5% ABV.

Le Grand Verre Domaine Caylus (Rosé) 2020 ($25 / 4 Pack) — Discover a new rosé: Pays d’Herault. Tucked into the southern coast of France in the Languedoc-Roussillon region, the terroir offers incredible value and complexity in its rosé wines. That’s why LGV partnered with Inès Andrieu of Domaine de Caylus, an organic estate known for its rose blend of Syrah (60%) and Grenache (40%). Andrieu is quite the female winemaker — she took control of the property from her grandfather, Henri Andrieu who helmed the estate since purchasing it in 1963. Andrieu quickly saw the importance of preserving biodiversity and converted the estate to organic farming back in 1999. Her refreshing rosé is full of strawberry, pineapple and tropical notes. Everything you want when seeking a perfect warm weather wine. 12.5% ABV.

Le Grand Verre Domaine Caylus (Chardonnay) 2020 ($25 / 4 Pack) — This brand new addition to the LGV collection is a prestigious and medal-winning 100& Chardonnay, also from Inès Andrieu. With bold notes of peach and hazelnut, this gorgeous addition will surely make for the perfect house wine this season. Also, certified-organic. 13.5% ABV.

Le Grand Verre Château Peyredon 2019 ($30 / 4 Pack) — For the diehard red wine lovers consider one of the quintessential selections of LGV: the Haut-Médoc Crus Bourgeois. A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (63%) and Merlot (37%) this classic Bordeaux is velvety with elegant tannins on the palate. On the nose you will find rich blackberry and notes of strawberry and vanilla. Laurence Dupuch of Château Peyredon Lagravette works in tandem with her husband Stephane Dupuch to produce this wine with fruit picked from vines over 100 years old. Envisioned by world-famous oenologist Hubert de Bouard (winemaker and owner of Château Angelus, one of the four most prestigious Saint-Émilion estates). This wine will surely impress the discerning oenophile crowd. Certified Sustainable Farming by Terra Vitis. 13% ABV.

APTO Orange Blossom Lip Balm

Founded by Barcelona born Marta Cros, APTO is proud to share that their fan-favorite Lip Balm ($5) is available at Walmart. Lips are just as important as the rest of our skin––that’s why the product is the perfect thing to have on hand this winter. Packed with coconut oil, olive oil, and grapeseed oil, for hydration and subtle shine, APTO’s Orange Blossom Lip Balm helps keep lips soft and healthy all year long.

Price: $4.97

Rhum Barbancourt Estate Reserve 15 Years Old

The Estate Reserve is made with pure sugar cane juice, distilled in French Oak Barrels for 15 years. Once intended for the Gardere family, it is released in limited qualities to the public since 1960.

Price: $50.00

Rinna Beauty

The Big Stick Energy Lip Enhancer (3.9g/.14oz) stick glides effortlessly onto lips to provide intense hydration. Its smooth texture is ideal to be worn alone or as a base for lip color and helps maintain day-long wear. The formula soothes and smooths dry lips, imparting a fresher, fuller look.

The Pumped Up! Lip Enhancer Oil is designed to keep lips plumped, pumped, and extra juicy.  The colorless, non-tacky formula keeps lips moisturized and nourished all day and can be used as a pre-treatment for the lips before applying lip color to maximize wearability, or to be worn simply by itself. 

All formulas are certified cruelty-free, 100% Vegan, and contain no sulfates, parabens, or phthalates

 Pleasure Peaks

There is an explosion of CBD topicals (lubricants, creams, gels, and suppositories) and ingestibles (capsules, gummies, and tinctures/oils) geared towards boosting sex life and sexual wellness. I wanted to introduce Pleasure Peaks, a CBD sexual wellness brand, whose bestselling product is the vaginal/anal CBD infused suppository.
In addition to out-of-this-world orgasms, CBD benefits for vaginismus, vulvodynia, interstitial cystitis, endometriosis, other pelvic and genital pain conditions, and relief of menopausal challenges. Used topically, CBD promotes increased blood flow – a vital part of arousal and sexual pleasure. CBD helps relax muscles & ease tension, supporting comfort where it counts. Painful sex is more common than you’d think. CBD has been shown to help manage pain – gently and naturally.

Dexter Three Wood Straight Bourbon

Dexter Three Wood Straight Bourbon, named one of the twelve best bourbons in the world by the Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2020, is returning bourbon to its 1800s roots – “Of the people, by the people, for the people” – paying homage to Edmund Dexter, one of the leading bourbon pioneers of his time.  Edmund Dexter’s blends were so renowned that even Charles Dickens and King Edward VII visited him at his home in Cincinnati.

The Dexter Bourbon Company was founded by Doug Hall and Joe Girgash. Doug Hall is also the Co-founder and CEO of Brain Brew Custom Whiskey and the Founder of Eureka! Ranch, with one of its long-term clients being Edrington, distillers of The Macallan. They also have a collaboration with Edrington to produce Noble Oak Double Oak Bourbon, a 94 point San Francisco Gold Medal winner, that is available nationwide.

Price: $49.95

Mike D’s BBQ is an award winning line of BBQ Sauces and Dry Rubs based in Durham, NC. Our sauces are a twist on the traditional BBQ sauce with some unique seasonings and spice levels inspired by Mike D’s African American and Latino heritage. Mike D’s BBQ sauces are also a nod to the rich and well-deserved notoriety of BBQ in North Carolina. We have the perfect sauce or rub for every type of foodie on your list, including:
The one into all things mild: Our BIG Sauce is our mild/medium sauce and has won many awards. Most finished 1st for Medium BBQ Sauce in the 2021 International Spicy Flavor Awards. It also finished in 3rd place for Kid Friendly BBQ Sauces in the 2022 Scovie Awards
The one who loves trying spicy things: 1st place in the 2021 International Artisan Flavor Awards for Rubs and 1st place in the 2022 Scovie Awards in the Dry Rub/All Purpose Category, our Sweet & Spicy Rub is exactly what the lovers of spicy are looking for.
The one who loves to support small food businesses: Mike D’s BBQ is a small family owned company.

Deep Relaxation Magnesium Bath Flake

Deep Relaxation by Seven Minerals is a unique formulation for stress, anxiety, and general relaxation. It will also help you sleep more restfully and boost essential Mg levels for all-around general health and detoxification. These bath flakes have an ancient purity spanning 300 million years. They started their journey as pure ionic magnesium chloride, safely kept at a depth of 8694 feet. Seven Minerals has gently mined them from this untouched watershed and created the purest relaxation bath flakes you’ve seen. They are free of toxic heavy metals, preservatives, colors, bleach, or synthetic fragrance.

ZYR Vodka

The Russian vodka brand ZYR is passionate to teach consumers that vodka, similar to tequila, is best enjoyed neat, on ice, with a dash of olive juice or a couple of olives as garnish. Like many of the world’s other closely guarded formulas, Zyr is the result of select ingredients, recipe, process, controls and tradition. 

Because of Zyr’s proprietary 9 • 5 • 3 formula and the highest criteria for only the best raw ingredients, vodka has never tasted so clean or felt so smooth, so creamy. Centuries of Russian vodka making traditions are integrated with the most innovative filtration and distillation technology available today, based on the work of Dmitry Mendeleev, Russia’s famous son of science and creator of the Periodic Table of Elements. Only after this process is completed can the vodka be called Zyr.

Price: $27.99

Horse Soldier Bourbon

Founded in 2015, Horse Soldier Bourbon encompasses three core elements that make it the legendary spirit it is today – Authentic, the team behind the brand are an integral part of the country’s history, All-American, each ingredient used to make Horse Soldier Bourbon is from the U.S, including its glass bottle, which is molded by steel recovered from the World Trade Center to commemorate the lives lost but never forgotten. And Award-Winning, to date the brand has won more than 30 awards from many of the industry’s most prestigious competitions, including three Double Gold Medals at the San Francisco International Spirits Competition.   

Price: $50-85.00

2020 Clean Slate Riesling

From the steep hills above the winding Mosel river of Western Germany grow the world’s most celebrated Riesling vines. This Riesling possesses elegant and refreshing mineral notes l from Lower Mosel, spice from Middle Mosel, and fresh peach flavors from Upper Mosel – perfectly complementing a diversity of dishes. Sourced from high quality grapes, this wine has a balanced profile and a dry finish with lively acidity. 

It makes for a perhaps unexpected yet perfect Christmas wine and conversation starter. The thin slate stones featured on the label play a critical role in these Mosel River Valley vineyards and imbue the wine with balance. So critical in fact, that those which slip into the river are carefully carried back up the treacherously steep slopes and returned to place. 

Price: $9.99

Skinny THREEzer

The Slim Chillers Strawberry Colada Skinny THREEzer! A NEW take on a classic frozen Rum Cocktail or Vodka cocktail

They are available at Sam’s Club or

Price: $18.00


FACTORFIVE’s holiday bundle is the perfect gift for any beauty or skincare fanatic. The bundle includes their award-winning, medical-grade, best-selling biotech beauty trio: anti-aging cream mini, regenerative serum mini, and eye/lash cream mini. Each product contains ethically derived human stem cell factors that help your skin learn to target different concerns such as wrinkles, tightness, texture, thickness, redness, and more. Formulated with humanity in mind, the products are all cruelty-free and contain ZERO parabens, mineral oil, sulfate detergents, phthalates, urea, DEA or TEA


Hai Beauty Concepts

Technologies like Tri-Diamond Ceramic™, which has all the benefits of Teflon with zero toxic or harmful emissions for a smooth finish, and Damage Control Technology, which works on multiple levels to significantly reduce hair breakage and damage, are designed exclusively by us. The brand has always stood for exceptional, inventive products and authentic relationships that are tried, tested and true. As a brand with many cutting-edge “firsts”, we will continue to set the standard for reliable, advanced, and stylish quality products. We are California-based and a family-operated business.

Price: $159.00

Hiatus Tequila Blanco

 Flawlessly clear in the glass, our Blanco is bursting with aromas of roasted agave, fresh-cut grass, and tropical fruit. On the palate, it’s clean and complex Tequila with a luxurious mouthfeel, ideal for sipping neat or in a craft cocktail.

Bold Spanish reds can guide you along the journey through Moroccan flavors. Look for a red blend with spicy aromas and a touch of aromatic herbs, like the Feixa Negra Priorat D.O.Q., that can pair with the traditional Lamb Tagine that has ripe apricot and winter spices in it. If sweet & savory is more your speed, try pairing a Garnacha, like the Bodega San Gregorio Tres Ojos, Old Vines, with Moroccan Chicken Bastilla (Pie). The wine’s notes of red raspberries, spice and white pepper will mingle nicely with the pie’s aromatics and sweetness.

Price: $44.99

Cinzano Prosecco

The Cinzano family as one of the most historic sparkling wine makers in Italy. Bringing over 260 years of expertise and using traditional medthods to produce their Cinzano Prosecco D.O.C.

Price: 12.99

Lardera Coffee Roaster

For the last 20 years, Adagio Teas has worked to establish itself as a premier source of gourmet tea. It has honed its craft and carved out its own unique space in the online retail beverage industry. With tea safely under its belt, it seemed time to venture into new territory… coffee. With all of the same care and passion that made Adagio Teas such a great success, it now brings you Lardera Coffee Roasters. Lardera aims to provide the same reliable quality that Adagio customers have come to depend on. After its soft launch this November, Lardera has great expectations for its new line of coffee and coffee gear. It will offer a range of coffee varietals and grind sizes to suit both the casual drinker as well as the connoisseur. Currently, Lardera offers four single-origin medium roasts, all sourced directly from Costa Rica farmers. Its “direct from farmer’s” advantage bypasses brokers and middlemen. This allows Lardera to source the freshest beans whiles ensuring that the farmers receive the largest percentage of payment. Each farmer is highlighted with their own unique “know your farmer”

Price: $3.00

Grand Absente

During the heady days of late 19th century Paris, Absinthe was the trademark drink of artists like Baudelaire, Degas, Manet, Picasso, Van Gogh, Toulouse-Lautrec and Oscar Wilde. To recall the glorious times, Grande Absente Absinthe Originale is one of the oldest traditional Absinthe recipes from the South of France. Hand crafted in Provence like it was from 1860-1912, Grande Absente is made exclusively with the highest quality spirits and select botanicals from the region, including the legendary botanical Wormwood, also known as Artemisia Absinthium.

Nicely balanced and reasonably complex. A nicely balanced aroma of wormwood, mint, anise, lemon balm, among other things. This has a high proof and the alcohol presence makes itself known in the bouquet – but not in the overwhelming way which one would expect. While the alcohol does express its presence it is not overwhelming but does warn you this is serious stuff.

Price: $90.00

Feixa Negra Priorat D.O.Q

Bold Spanish reds can guide you along the journey through Moroccan flavors. Look for a red blend with spicy aromas and a touch of aromatic herbs, like the Feixa Negra Priorat D.O.Q., that can pair with the traditional Lamb Tagine that has ripe apricot and winter spices in it. If sweet & savory is more your speed, try pairing a Garnacha, like the Bodega San Gregorio Tres Ojos, Old Vines, with Moroccan Chicken Bastilla (Pie). The wine’s notes of red raspberries, spice and white pepper will mingle nicely with the pie’s aromatics and sweetness.

Price: $21.00

Great Jones Straight Bourbon Whiskey 

This bourbon is a light-to-medium-bodied bourbon with notes of creamy vanilla and a peppery finish. Made with corn, malted barley and rye, and aged a minimum of four years in new charred American oak barrels.

Price: $40.00


The SOBAR is a next-gen protein bar, is delicious and has been specifically formulated and clinically tested to be effective at reducing alcohol absorption when eaten prior to or with an alcoholic drink. Think before you drink and have a SOBAR first!


 Vine to Bar The Library Box

Vine to Bar Chocolate. Vine to Bar is a premium, gourmet chocolate, and uniquely the world’s first dark chocolate made with WellVine™ Chardonnay Marc, sourced from vineyards up and down California’s coastline.

First, what is Chardonnay Marc? After gently pressing the juice to make wine, the freshly crushed Chardonnay grapes are gathered, and then dried and milled to create a healthy whole food ingredient with beneficial nutrients, flavanols and natural sweetness. One could call it “the winemaker’s chocolate.” But what differentiates Vine to Bar, beyond flavor, is its sustainability twist. What was once a by-product of winemaking has been re-imagined into an upcycled superfood – a win for our palates and planet.

Research from food scientists at UC Davis showed that Chardonnay Marc carries a wealth of potentially health-enhancing compounds called oligosaccharides, which are found in many foods and plants, including human breast milk. Recent advances have revealed oligosaccharides’ vast potential to support gut health, and early studies indicate that Chardonnay Marc can become a source for developing supplements and other food products to support health.

Does it taste that different from other dark chocolates? The marc offers a natural sweetness with a chardonnay grape’s flavor note, and when added to dark chocolate, there is a heightened lift and brightness brought to the otherwise characteristically bitter flavors. Vine to Bar comes in four varieties that coincidentally pair wonderfully with a wide array of wine styles.

·         Almonds with Pink Himalayan Salt, an ideal pairing with Pinot Noir

·         Dark Chocolate, best tried with a crisp Chardonnay

·         Tart Cherry & Cocoa, brings a complementary tartness to Pinot Noir

·         Chardonnay Smoked Salt & Cocoa, a “chef’s kiss” pairing with lighter red wines or blends

Vine to Bar is available for purchase online and can ship to most states. Gift sets are available as well through Kendall-Jackson Wines and La Crema Winery.

Keoni CBD Gummies

These delicious gummies are the cherry on top of your CBD regiment. Because they are beyond simple to use, they’re perfect for when you’re on the go. Our simplistic formula is designed to complement the benefits of our other products so you can be confident you’re getting the most out of your CBD.

No other edible matches our quality or our value. Packed with 500mg of CBD, our gummies have what it takes to give you the relief you need and are also an optimal way to increase relief between dosages. If you want simplicity, there is no better option.

Because of their simplicity, our gummies are a perfect way to start when it comes to CBD. Don’t let the simplicity throw you off. Even though they are beyond easy to use, they still have plenty of power to give you the results you want. If you’re wanting to try CBD, you’re making the right choice by choosing Keoni.Keoni CBD Gummies 500mg quantity

Price: $54.99



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