Legion Brewing Double Juicy Jay

Legion Brewing Double Juicy Jay

You know how much I love a good IPA….

Legion Brewing, home of the wildly popular Juicy Jay, HAS release the brand-new Double Juicy Jay, a flavorful double IPA-styled variation of their signature Juicy Jay IPA. This is the first time this seasonal release has ever been brewed.

The new release will feature everything that hops and malt lovers enjoy about Juicy Jay, but in a bigger, hoppy-er package, and with an emphasis on delicious taste. With honeyed mango flavor tempering an aroma bursting with melon and tropical fruit, this is a fresh take on an old favorite that IPA lovers should try.

Legion Brewing Double Juicy Jay
Legion Brewing Double Juicy Jay

Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments below!



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