The Wonders of Peruvian Pisco at MOFAD

The Wonders of Peruvian Pisco at MOFAD – June 22nd

If you are are a true spirit connoisseur, then you know that pisco has become quite the darling of the industry in recent years. I knew I really have enjoyed this spirit in the past at restaurants and events, but I was never really quite sure of what it was. So when I heard the Museum of Food and Drink had The Wonders of Peruvian Pisco in their Spring Cocktails series, I knew I needed to investigate.

As I arrived at MOFAD, I was greeted at the front desk at with a pisco cocktail and was told it was similar to a Moscow Mule. It had ginger beer, lime, and something other than vodka, it was distinctly pisco. I sipped my drink and mixed with the lovely crowd that was eager to learn more about this spirit.

The speaker of the night was Diego Loret de Mola the Master Distiller and Brand Champion of BarSol Pisco. As a passionate as he was about Pisco, he taught the crowd about its origins in Peru and the different varietals of grapes that are used to produce the spirit. Later, he discussed the different processes of making Pisco and why the spirit becomes clear during the product. From there he explained the history of Pisco being added to the menus at different bars across the United States but ultimately leaving its mark on San Francisco.

After hearing Diego speak, the audience went back out to the main area and grabbed their second cocktail, which was the beloved Pisco Punch as we mingled and waited for the food. I did stop by the Barsol Pisco table and tried two different piscos straight. Here they asked what do I prefer whiskey or vodka to better understand if I liked more of a floral pisco or a dry pisco. Since I do enjoy whiskey more, they suggested the more floral pisco, which was very delicious. For kicks, I decided to try the dry pisco as well, but I preferred the more fragrant notes of the first.

Mission Ceviche and Pollo D’oro both had tables for their restaurants and served up some delicious grub. I cannot say that I have really gone out to a Peruvian restaurant before, but after attending this event I might have to. Mission Ceviche served up some raw seafood that I was shocked how much I loved it, while Pollo D’oro samples a great quinoa dish. I greedily went back for seconds for each.

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