Reasons to Love Mingle: 5 Classic Cocktails Bottled at ZERO PROOF

Reasons to Love Mingle: 5 Classic Cocktails Bottled at ZERO PROOF

Searching for excellent quality, flavorful and delicious non-alcoholic adult beverages to enjoy while entertaining or out with friends has been close to impossible— UNTIL NOW, thanks to MINGLE Mocktails and Mixers.  

Laura Taylor, Founder of MINGLE, has expertly bottled some of our favorite classic cocktails at ZERO PROOF using only natural and organic ingredients allowing folks to push aside that bland seltzer & lime and join in on the fun.

Each of the MINGLE expressions – Cranberry Cosmo, Blackberry Hibiscus Bellini (my favorite), Cucumber Melon Mojito, Moscow Mule and now the newest launch, Blood Orange Elderflower are ONLY made with real fruit juices, organic cane sugar and curated botanical blends, giving each its unique twist, with something for all types of palates, occasions and lifestyles.

Need any more reasons to love MINGLE? See below for some fresh, fun and outstanding zero-proof options from each flavor, including options to transform these mocktails into a flawless cocktails. I found fun expressions perfect to bring over to a friend’s house especially since they don’t drink. Also, it was fantastic to add a little bubbly too but the Mingle has a nice fizz to it once you open it!



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