Puerto Vallarta is For Foodies – October 8th, 2018

The tourism board of Puerto Vallarta has been touring around the US and has been educating American why they should travel to Puerto Vallarta.  I joined them on October 8th Union Square Kitchen to learn more about Puerto Vallarta and find out why Puerto Vallarta is for Foodies. 

Our night started off with a tequila watermelon drink to greet everyone. Once everyone settled, we had a presentation about the different areas to travel to in Puerto Vallarta. We learned about the different areas of the islands are better for families and for couples. Also, the different sights for people to see and of course their beautiful beaches. Once this part of the presentation was finished, we listened to Josue Jimenez and Chef Mauricio Leal talk about the food they were cooking for us.

We were served four dishes and each was paired with a different wine found in Puerto Vallarta.





Our first plate was the Pargo Aguachili (habenero-serrano emulsion, crispy chicharron). It was hot and delicious.

The second was fish with a grilled corn pure and pablanco peper jus that was light and refreshing

Our main course was a Short Rib and Mole with Truffle Mash potatoes, confit carrots. The short rib was cooked for so long that it just melted in your mouth.

We ended the evening with an Azzoz con Leche or rice pudding. It was paired perfectly with a mezcal from Puerto Vallarta that was to die for.

At the end of the night, I felt immersed in Puerto Vallarta’s culture. Now it’s on my must travel list and I hope to go soon.



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