What Do Tired Eyes Say About You?

What Do Tired Eyes Say About You?

Your eyes betray your thoughts and emotions. They also are a true indicator of your health. When you are feeling tired, your eyes can display visible signs of fatigue. Unfortunately, if you work with screens every day, your eyes could become more vulnerable to fatigue. Post-pandemic work routines tend to involve long days at home, in often less than ideal lighting. Unfortunately, prolonged exposure to screens or poor lighting can aggravate signs of fatigue. And if you can’t go through the day without coffee, you could aggravate tired eyes without realizing it. Bloodshot, puffy, drooping, and dark circles under your eyes, how do you best combat those unpleasant occurrences? 

Fine lines around the eyes

Wrinkles are typically associated with age. But tiredness can accelerate dehydration in the fragile area around your eyes. Fine lines around and underneath the eyes could result from spending too much time in front of a screen. Screen workers are more likely to suffer from dehydration. The reason? You tend to lose track of time when you work on a screen. So you could drink less frequently than you need. Keeping up with a water routine can help reduce the appearance of fine lines. Additionally, rich and hydrating products that go deep into the skin to tackle fine lines will help brighten your eyes. 

My eyes are drooping

Tiredness can make your eyelids feel heavy. When you are so tired that your eyes keep closing by themselves, you know it’s time for bed. When your eyelids drop out of tiredness, it is also accompanied by a drop in alertness. More often than not, droopy eyelids can be synonymous with microsleep. Tiredness will affect both eyelids simultaneously. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about it except for giving your body some rest. However, if you notice that only one eyelid is drooping or that the lid droops even while you are feeling fully alert, it could be a sign of ptosis, which affects the muscles in the eyelid. Your doctor can diagnose the issue and recommend ptosis eyedrops to help with it. Lifting your eyelids will instantly make you look more awake. 

Puffy eyes mean fluid retention

Waking up with puffy eyes is often linked to fluid retention. It typically disappears throughout the day. However, it can be an unpleasant sensation. You can help drain excess lymphatic fluid by massaging your face in the morning. Simple routines to improve sleep quality and hydration levels will also have rapid and visible results. Raising your face when you sleep with a wedge pillow or bed risers will prevent unwanted fluid from settling around the eyes. Some diet habits can also increase puffiness, such as consuming too much salt or drinking alcohol. Indeed, alcohol or caffeinated drinks can lead to dehydration, which will result in puffy eyes. 

Can sleep reduce dark rings?

Does sleep deprivation equal dark rings? The answer is yes, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. Anemia, hyperpigmentation, nonwhite ethnicity, and genetics can aggravate dark circles around your eyes. The aging process is also likely to play a significant role in this unpleasant tiredness symptom. You can reach out to a specialist to discuss medical treatments. 

Are your eyes showing how tired you feel? Well, the answer is more complex than it appears. Some eye conditions could be interpreted as a sign of tiredness, while different factors cause them. In other words, your tired eyes might require medical attention to regain their glow.

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