The Perfect Gin & Tonic for World Gin Day

The Perfect Gin & Tonic for World Gin Day

I love to celebrate obscure liquor holidays. It’s always the perfect excuse to break out the bottle. So when it came to World Gin Day on June 8, I knew I had to make a good ole fashioned G&T! I chose the original American craft gin, Junipero from San Francisco to make a fab drink. For those who are not familiar with Junipero, it is the first craft gin introduced commercially in the US after Prohibition; released in 1996, it’s considered the gin that launched a thousand gins and can be credited with the start of the gin boom in the US.

Making a great G&T outside
Making a great G&T outside

The Perfect G&T

2.0 oz Junipero Gin

3.0 oz Fever Tree Tonic

Juniper Berries

Take an glass filled with ice and pour the Junipero Gin. Top with the Fever Tree Tonic and garnish with Juniper Berries, anise and bay leaves.

A beautiful G&T
A beautiful G&T

This botanical experience is one for the taste buds!

Drink up! xo



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