New Release from Able Seedhouse +Brewery Showcases Collaboration with Minneapolis Design Students

New Release from Able Seedhouse + Brewery Showcases Collaboration with Minneapolis Design Students

Able Seedhouse + Brewery in Northeast Minneapolis is releasing Not Quite Forever, a new fruited sour ale perfect for sipping as summer winds down.

“It’s refreshingly crisp and deliciously tart,” says Bobby Blasey, Able Head Brewer. “I started with our base blended sour, which is extremely versatile, flavorful, and clean. Then we added a bunch of really tasty lime and raspberry puree.  It tastes like a tart version of a summer slurpee.  The lime comes through with its bright and lively notes and the raspberry is there to back it up with its delicious and decadent flavor.  It’s a fantastic combination.”

Not Quite Forever also highlights a unique design process. This spring Able partnered with Samantha Sather, a graphic design instructor from Minneapolis Community and Technical College (MCTC) who curated a semester project for her students dedicated to the full design of the Not Quite Forever can and subsequent marketing for the beer’s release.

“I was so grateful for this collaboration with Able as it reflected a real-world client relationship and process for our designers,” says Sather. “The students produced such a diverse array of style and approaches.”

Able’s designer helped choose the winning entry of assets from student Sarah Rusch who based her design inspiration partly on her day job. “I work at the Textile Center in Minneapolis, so I am very inspired by pattern and surface design,” Rusch explains. “For this project I wanted to use bright colors and design that would pop to reflect the punchy flavor of the beer.”

The collaboration between MCTC and Able Brewery took place this spring. The original plan, before COVID-19 set in, was to showcase all of the student’s designs in an art show at the brewery. Instead, a tribute on social media will help highlight the unique partnership behind the Not Quite Forever release.

Able encourages guests to stop by the brewery or local liquor stores to check out Sarah’s winning can design and try Not Quite Forever. This light magenta fruit soured ale features a 4.8% ABV and 5 IBU. You can find Not Quite Forever at local retailers starting Monday, August 31 or in the ABLE taproom and to-go window starting Wednesday, September 2nd .



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