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G-MASKS, LLC, the importer of face masks from South Korea that provide the highest levels of filtration, absorption and boast antiviral and bacteriostatic qualities, today announced the availability of the MyGO2Mask,, it’s 4-ply super high-quality graphene-oxide coated face mask that traps 99.53% of particles at a size of .3 nanometers or smaller, including Covid-19 virus droplets and flu particles. MyGO2Mask has earned multiple certifications and registrations and is the only face mask that can trap and destroy Covid-19 virus droplets in less than two minutes after contact.

(MyGO2Mask also features superior filtration capabilities. Coronavirus particles are measured between .07 and .09 microns. While N95 masks filter 95-99% of particles, it only filters particles larger than 0.1 microns. MyGO2Mask’s graphene oxide filters 99% of particles measuring .3 nanometers or smaller making it virtually impenetrable. (i.e. average human hair measures 75 microns which is 1000x’s larger than  a single nanometer) . Simply put, the MyGO2Mask provides ideal Coronavirus filtration and the ability to destroy the virus and flu almost on contact whereas the N95 mask does not.)

As stated in numerous independent studies, graphene oxide helps repel and “potentially kill or destroy” different types of viruses containing what scientists call microdroplets. According to studies done on graphene at MIT and Hong Kong’s Polytechnic University, the material is referred to as “superhydrophobic” that reduces the chance of infectious droplets adhering to it and according to experts, “rips coronavirus apart.” The following link discusses the special properties of high-quality graphene oxide: (Please load in browser)

Additionally, the outlet Sci-Tech Daily reported as recently as September 13, 2020 that, “Graphene’s sharp edge damages the bacterial cell membrane and kills the virus. It may also be killed by the hydrophobic (water repelling) property of graphene.”

In comparison to the 99.53% filtration of particles sized .3 nanometers or smaller achieved by the MyGO2Mask, an N95 mask, which until now was considered the gold standard, only filters 95-99% of particles sized 0.1 microns. The result is that the MyGO2Mask has substantially increased particle-filtering properties. As important, the MyGO2Mask is the only mask capable of destroying virus droplets. Virus droplets are not destroyed by the N95 mask and remain alive when the mask is touched leaving the potential to continue virus spreading. Many experts agree that how you handle your mask is almost as important as wearing your mask because of the concern about spread.

Every MyGO2Mask is shipped hermetically sealed and features a unique and patented graphene oxide bonding system. Using the highest quality graphene from an internationally recognized producer of pure graphene oxide out of South Korea, the material is then further modified by a second patented process that enables it to destroy bacteria and viruses that come in contact with it. Studies show that less than .01% of a virus remains alive after contact with the graphene oxide enabled mask. The mask has earned a CE certification for meeting EU Standards, achieved a US Standard for a BFE of 99%, has an FDA Registration and has earned NSF Certification (National Sanitation Foundation, USA) and is accredited by ANSI (American National Standards Institute).

Adding to the graphene oxide story is the fact that two 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics winning scientists have been associated with the company and the development of the product since the company’s founding. See the link below for the full details on their groundbreaking experiments regarding the two dimensional material graphene oxide: (Please load in browser)

The “secret sauce” of the MyGO2Mask is two-fold; the quality of its patented graphene oxide and the unique and patented bonding mechanism used by the manufacturer that filters nearly 100% of particles .3 nanometers or smaller. In fact, multiple scientific studies have shown that graphene’s distinctive properties include it being virus resistant with the ability to disintegrate bacteria cells and kill them. Graphene has also proven to be electrostatic, dust repellant, waterproof and can be safely washed with warm water and soap up to 15x without compromising its integrity. 

“It’s quite clear that not all masks are created equal. There are masks on the market that use graphite and some that claim to use graphene. Consumers need to be wary of these, especially those made in China, because simple graphite doesn’t have the filtering capability of graphene and most important, not all graphene is created equal,” said William Sackett of G-MASK, LLC. “The MyGO2Mask has already received multiple certifications and registrations and uses the highest quality graphene oxide. There are very few sources in the world that can supply that quality of material. Those facts plus the patented bonding process deployed means the MyGO2Mask is virtually impenetrable to virus droplets. Also, since the droplets are neutralized or destroyed by the graphene oxide, handling the mask becomes safer because the virus isn’t being spread on fingers or on anything the mask touches.  Finally, MyGO2Mask is affordable and depending upon the number purchased, the effective cost runs from .25 to .40 cents each.”

More information about the graphene oxide powered MyGO2Mask, including product certificates and supporting scientific studies can be found at Media samples can be requested by contacting Shep Doniger at 561-637-5750 and



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