Zinda Beauty created from Wine Inspiration
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Zinda Beauty created from Wine Inspiration

This is totally up my alley. Wine beauty! YAS!

ZINDA BEAUTY stemmed from vineyards in the South of France. This new brand is founded by a former attorney and dean of a law school who emerged from retirement, Caroline Levy, and natural products expert Dave Grudzinski.

Through her love of wine traveling and wine collecting, Caroline discovered the beneficial properties of resveratrol and other natural ingredients featured in vineyards. Caroline with her business partner Dave Grudzinski, set out to harness the skin-enhancing properties of these natural ingredients formulating the brand’s product line for Zinda Cosmeceuticals.

“I came out of retirement to launch a new career in the beauty industry because I was passionate about skincare products in the south of France that utilize the natural ingredients found in and about the vineyards which resulted in products that are rich in texture but light on your face. They absorb readily and leave your skin feeling silky soft,” Caroline explains. “I wanted to bring those kinds of luxury products to American women at a reasonable price point.”

Zinda Beauty is a completely new adventure for Caroline, while wholly unrelated to her professional background and career in law, she has always been a woman’s advocate. She served as a past president of both the Women’s Bar Association of the state of New York and the Suffolk County Women’s Bar Association. She continues to serve on the NYS Judicial Committee on women in the Courts and the Child Care Council of Suffolk.

Zinda Beauty is influenced by the craftmanship of wine, thoughtfully sourced and formulated to indulge in the skin’s greatest possibilities. “As I age, I want to take care of my skin as best I can and want to develop products that younger women can start using now to care for their skin and continue using as they age,” she continues.

Like a good bottle of wine, it takes time. “I am excited to bring to the market a unique face cream that has been three years in development,” Caroline says.

Caroline says the company sources the finest ingredients and practices responsible formulation techniques to honor the skin’s integrity.

“It is the product of my uncompromisingly high standards and determination to harness the skin-enhancing benefits of the natural ingredients found in and about vineyards in the south of France.”

For those seeking to create a beauty line, Caroline offers advice to entrepreneurs. “Take your time and don’t compromise on ingredients or the end product,” she advises. “Make sure that you enlist the aid of people who know the industry and set very high standards.”

During the research and development and formulation phase of creating Zinda Beauty, Caroline recalls that she quickly learned it is not so easy to develop the kind of product envisioned. “It took more time than I expected – almost 3 years – to develop our first product, our Moisture Rose Cuvée,” she adds.I have also learned quite a bit about the industry and all of the details that must be considered beyond the product itself.”

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