JaneCare's CARE Kits
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JaneCare’s CARE Kits

Quarantine has made us rethink self care. That’s where JaneCare’s CARE kits come in!

JaneCare’s CARE kits, featuring products that help you care for yourself and others. Curated and created by women and minority-owned businesses, the CARE kits are thoughtful gift sets designed to help recipients care for themselves and others during challenging times, while also doing good for others. The JaneCare CARE Kit line launches with six options, each designed to provide comfort and support for specific challenges. Gift givers looking to send a more meaningful message than traditional cards and flowers can choose from a variety of kits, each including a hand-written message from the gift giver. 

I love this kit. The faux succulent, the fizzy bath bomb, candle and essential oils. Yes, this is the ultimate relaxation box. But to me, the major standout is the cards. The JaneCare cards opens up the users mind to to open their mind and have gratitude. I love looking at them and the one that got me was to donate money to a charity. They open your mind to things you have been meaning to do and to stop and think.

There’s a JaneCares for everyone. Get yours here.



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