Garden Party Ahead? Here's What You Need
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Garden Party Ahead? Here’s What You Need

The world may be going through a pandemic right now, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t party plan for the moment it’s all going away. If lockdown is lifted before the summer, why not choose to host a garden party for family and friends? The warmer months allow for the advantage of the beautiful weather as well as the chance to eat outside. If you’ve been looking for a way to welcome the world back to some semblance of normal, then a garden party is the way to go.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a patio to work with or a huge grassy garden, you need to be able to get out and have fun with friends. You can order the right whiskey barrels for sale in advance of your party, and they can act as seating options when you host, too! You need to enjoy being outside with your friends, and we’ve got a list of everything that you need to ensure that your garden party goes off without a hitch.

  • Start with a list. You have the time to make a list of everything that your garden party will need to run properly. You have to consider the drinks, music, setup, games and the guestlist. It should be easy to alter as you need to, as that way you can ensure that your party fits the situation.
  • You’re stuck at home, so shopping for pretty invitations may not be a thing. However, you can make some stunning online invitations and get them out to all of your friends. Be specific, as you want people to know exactly what time to arrive and when to arrive. You may need to hold off on the date until a tiny bit later – you need to know that lockdown is lifted!
  • Food is the best reason to head to a garden party, right? So, set up the barbecue and make sure that it’s clean. It may not be used for a while, but it’s good to know that you have it all ready. You have to consider the mennu, both meat lovers and vegetarians, and you should think about a buffet-style table or two! Keep one by the back door so that you can keep food warm.
  • Drinks are another consideration. You want a range of good booze and some homemade cocktail ideas to really get the party started. Make sure that you offer softer drinks, too, as well as tea and coffee for those who will want it! Keep coolers full of ice laying around, too, as then all the canned drinks will be cold for your guests.
  • Clean-up committee is a must! You want to make sure that you have trash cans ready around the garden so that people can clear up after themselves as they go. You should also keep some space in the garage for bags of trash to go in the trucks that come around after the party.



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