4 Common Reasons You Have A Headache All The Time
Can't Drink it Nor Wear it

4 Common Reasons You Have A Headache All The Time

Do you always seem to have a headache? It can range from head-splittingly painful to a dull ache behind your eyes. Either way, you always have one and nothing seems to help. You chug paracetamol like crazy, yet see no results. 

So…what’s causing all these damn headaches?!

Headaches are extremely common, meaning there are lots of causes. Nevertheless, I’ve narrowed it down to a handful of most-likely reasons your head is always sore:

Lack of sleep

Not getting enough sleep is seen as a leading cause of headaches. It’s basically because you haven’t given your brain or body enough time to recharge. You’re running on empty, meaning everything just feels sore and strained. Your eyes also have to work harder as they’re very tired, leading to eye strain, which also causes headaches. Try getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep each night, then see if your headaches subside. 



A lack of water is another key cause of regular headaches. This is so common as most people don’t drink enough water every day. Our body is over 60% water, so we need fluids to keep replenishing what we lose through sweating or peeing, etc. When we don’t drink enough, our body finds it hard to work properly. You can feel faint, lethargic, and get bad headaches. Start drinking more water, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly your headaches will go away. 

Bad eyesight

Having bad eyesight can also lead to headaches. If you often get them behind your eyes, or your vision is blurry, then this is likely the cause. The good news is that it’s easily remedied by getting some eyeglasses with prescription lenses. Once you can see properly, your eyes will relax and your headaches quickly leave you. If they start up again, or they never leave, then the chances are you also had one of the other causes giving your headaches. Of course, be sure to have an actual eye test done to see if this is your issue, don’t just go out and get glasses!

Increased stress

Stress or tension headaches are incredibly common. When you’re stressed, your body basically releases loads of hormones and chemicals that alter how you feel. You’re also likely to be 

overworking yourself, hence the headaches. This is usually a common case in people who have recently been made unemployed, have taken on lots of work, or have a test coming up. Basically, if you’ve suddenly started getting headaches after a stressful situation has occurred, then this is the likely culprit. There’s no way to know for sure, but if your pain eases when you de-stress, then that could be a key indicator. 

Make your way down this list and see which causes are most likely to relate to you. If you’re confident none of them triggers your headaches, then you probably have an underlying medical condition. In which case, it’s best to see your doctor and explain the symptoms to them. For most of you, I’m sure at least one of these reasons will be the cause of your sore head. 



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