Dry January Will ✨Sparkle✨ with Alvarado Street Brewery's Two New Non-Alcoholic Releases: Froth Water (Sparkling Hop Water) & Barely Biggie’s POG Bubbly Beverage

Dry January Will ✨Sparkle✨ with Alvarado Street Brewery’s Two New Non-Alcoholic Releases: Froth Water (Sparkling Hop Water) & Barely Biggie’s POG Bubbly Beverage

The annual Dry January challenge just got that much more enjoyable with Alvarado Street Brewery’s announcement of two non-alcoholic releases set for January 2024. First up is their brand-new Froth Water, a Sparkling Hop Water featuring Mosaic and Citra Hops with “Zero Alcohol, Zero Calories, and Zero Hangover.” Alvarado Street Brewery knows a thing or two about Mosaic hops as it’s the single hop brewed in their award-winning flagship beer, Mai Tai P. A. (five-time medal winner at Great American Beer Festival). Secondly, their latest addition in a series of N/A fruited sour brews, Barely Biggie’s POG Bubbly Beverage is a show-stopping non-alcoholic beer packed with puckering flavors of passionfruit, orange and guava.

J.C. Hill (Founder & Brewmaster, Alvarado Street Brewery), comments, “N/A beverages are having a moment and there are some great, inspiring products out there. For our approach, it was important for us to not only differentiate and stand out, but to also put the Alvarado mark on these two products. You will encounter bold, intense flavors but they are also extremely easy to drink.”

Froth Water (Sparkling Hop Water with Mosaic & Citra Hops) Alvarado Street Brewery innovates a next-level zero alcohol beverage with an emphasis on hop varietals that have propelled the brewery to become the #3 Favorite Small Regional Brewery in America according to Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine. A careful blend of Mosaic and Citra hops conveys an incredibly dynamic hop character in Froth Water with punchy aromatics of bright tropical fruit and citrus. Effervescent and refreshing, Froth Water is akin to your favorite seltzer water that’s naturally carbonated with recaptured CO2 from the brewery’s fermentation process.

Barely Biggie’s POG Bubbly Beverage A non-alcoholic spin-off of Alvarado’s popular (and alliterative) Biggie’s series of imperial sour ales, Barely Biggie’s POG Bubbly Beverage is the newest sour ale in the N/A lineup with less than 0.5% ABV. Bursting with passionfruit, orange and guava, Barely Biggie’s POG Bubbly Beverage follows the 2022/2023 releases of Barely Biggie’s Blueberry Bubbly Beverage (made with blueberries and vanilla), and Barely Biggie’s Blood Orange Bubbly Beverage.

If you plan on participating in Dry January, Alvarado Street Brewery has you covered with tasty options to keep your palate wet all month long.



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