Paradox Brewery's Revitalized Core Can Family

Paradox Brewery’s Revitalized Core Can Family

Paradox Brewery, an independent, veteran-owned craft brewery, specializes in brewing innovative beer out of its state-of-the-art facility in the mountains of the Adirondacks. Utilizing the naturally-filtered water flowing through the granite below the brewery, the beers are clean, crisp, smooth, and, no matter your preferred style, highly drinkable and balanced.

This past year, owners Paul and Joan Mrocka, along with Director of Operations and Sales, respectively, Devon Hamilton and Katie Etherton, collectively with Trampoline Design, embarked on a brand overhaul, launching a strategy to create demand and present a product with an updated shelf presence, brand language, and design.

Since August, the Brewery’s new look has been well-received as old merchandise and product was sold and the new was ushered in. Now, the business is launching its flagship Core Can family with brand-new label designs. Pilsner, IPA, DIPA, Amber, and Helles round out the Core family, pictured above, each featuring new labels and simpler, uncomplicated names in a bold color scheme.

Replacing Beaver Bite, ParaHelles, Get Off My Lawn, Paradox Pilsner, and Beaver Overbite are simply IPA, Helles, Amber, Pilsner, and DIPA, names and labels that streamline the beers in an effort to stand out among the many craft breweries.

Find Paradox Core Cans at a package store near you (and soon to be at local Target stores) or at the Brewery and Tap Room in North Hudson.



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