Summer Spirits for Entertaining

Summer Spirits for Entertaining

Summer is for sipping, fancy cocktails and new releases. Fruit is in, naturally.  If you are in the liquor store, looking for something different to shake up for your guests, try some of these GREEN fruity adult bevys to kick off the warm weather season.

KINKY® Green Liqueur Yes, the flirty fun spirit has added GREEN liqueur to their repetuare. So what does it taste like exactly? A tempting fusion of crisp green apple and bright pear flavors that’s mixed with super-premium vodka that has been distilled five times. Luscious KINKY Green offers flavor innovation to consumers, filling their demand for more adventurous options. SRP: $19.99

KINKY® Emerald Martini

KINKY® Emerald Martini

KINKY® Emerald Martini

1.5 oz. KINKY Green Liqueur

1 oz. The Dubliner Liqueur

0.5 oz. lemon juice

Combine all ingredients, shake and

strain into a martini glass. Garnish with

candied apple or lemon.

Belle de Brillet — is a pear liqueur produced through the infusion of Brillet cognac with the essence of Williams Pears, produced mainly in the east of France. The liqueur is served in an elegant pear-shaped bottle, which will add charm to your summer spread. SRP $25.99 in a 375ml or SRP $45.99 in a 750ml

Belle de Brillet Summer in the City

Belle de Brillet Summer in the City

Belle de Brillet Summer in the City

1.0 oz. Belle de Brillet Liqueur

0.5 oz. Lime Juice

2.0 oz. Joto Junmai Sake

Cucumber Slices

Mint Leaves

Muddle cucumber and mint and add all ingredients with ice into tin shaker. Shake and strain into a highball glass with crushed ice. Garnish with mint sprig and cucumber.

Alizé Apple – The newest edition to the Alizé Passion portfolio is a blast of full bodied flavor—it’s smooth and sweet on the palate.  Alizé Apple offers an easy way to make delicious cocktails everyone will love, from entertaining at a cook-out to a pre-game game plan that will impress your whole crew. SRP: $20

Alizé Apple

Alizé Apple

Alizé Apple La Vie en Vert

1.5 oz. Alizé Apple

1 oz. Rosé Vermouth

3 dashes Bitters

 Add to a wine glass and add ice.  Top with sparkling wine of your choice.

Garnish with fresh apples, a fresh rosemary sprig and a lemon twist.



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