DripDrop Review

DripDrop Review



Summer is officially here, and so is the heat! It’s super important for everyone to keep hydrated through these hot months even though water isn’t everyone’s favorite beverage. 

So I recently had the opportunity to try DripDrop, a flavorful powder stick that when mixed with water, acts like a liquid IV – really, it hydrates just as well as an IV! This Oral Rehydration Solution has 3X the electrolytes and 1/2 the sugar of sports drinks. Plus, it offers 110% of your daily recommended Vitamin C intake.

I tried both the lemon and berry flavors and I think the berry was absolutely delicious. The packets are generous looking but fills a 16oz glass perfectly. After one glass there is “residue” of the powder that sticks to the glass, which is perfect to mix with the next glass of water you have. The drink colors are very bright and perfect for the summer season as well. I’m usually not the person who gravitates to powders to mix in my water, but I really enjoy these.

They come in individual packets in lemon and berry flavors and are easy to toss in a beach bag. Available at Walgreens and online at



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