Get Mindy Kaling's Met Gala Look

Get Mindy Kaling’s Met Gala Look

Are you watching VOGUE’S MET GALA coverage? No? WATCH IT NOW!

One thing noticed at the Oscars of the east coast is the amazingly funny Mindy Kaling amazing braided bun Marc Mena created for her.  I know what you are thinking. How did he do it? By using AQUIS and evo products! Here from his own view how Marc made Mindy magnificent!

Get Mindy Kaling's Met Gala Look

Get Mindy Kaling’s Met Gala Look

How to get the look:

Since Mindy’s gown was super chic and showed off her décolletage, we decided to pull her hair back as to not distract from her dress. I wanted to create something that was simple, but with a pop so it wasn’t boring.

Step 1
I started by prepping the hair with the AQUIS Waffle Luxe Towel. It helps wick away water from the hair to bring it to a damp state quickly and evenly without applying heat.  Once the hair was damp, I was able to blow it out easily, and it was much more manageable for styling.  The AQUIS Waffle Luxe Towel also helped me cut down on the overall styling time and because of its unique fabric technology, it causes zero friction on the hair which helped to minimize frizz for Mindy’s overall, gorgeous, sleek look.

Step 2
Next, I added a combination of evo’s root canal volumising spray and whip it good styling mousse to add a little volume and body to the hair. Then I layered a bit of the easy tiger straightening balm before blow drying her hair with the hank ceramic radial brush to help achieve the smooth look I was going for.

Step 3
After blow drying her hair straight and smooth, I sprayed a bit of the water killer dry shampoo to the roots at the back of her head just to keep the volume I created earlier.

Photo credit: @marcmena

Photo credit: @marcmena

Step 4
Next, I tied her hair into a low ponytail and used the tyler teasing brush to help keep the hair in place. Then I created two braids on the underside of the ponytail, before wrapping the rest of the loose hair around the base of the ponytail into a low loop. After pinning this in place, I wrapped the two braids around the base of the ponytail and pinned those in place. As I was working on the ponytail, I used miss malleable flexible hairspray to give the hair hold while still being able to mold the hair into the shape I wanted.

Step 5
After everything was pinned down and exactly the way we envisioned it, I applied a generous coating of helmut extra strong lacquer to keep everything in place all night! There is no way Mindy will have a hair out of place tonight!

Mayor Booker… Eat your heart out.



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