Treat Your Skin to a Bouquet of Beauty

Treat Your Skin to a Bouquet of Beauty

I’m all about that treat yo self-mentality, especially when it comes to the skin on my face! I recently was fortunate to try the Strength + Energy Arnica Rose Mask by Flora•py Beauty.  Yes, I know what you are thinking… it must have been luxurious. It was!

Treat Your Skin to a Bouquet of Beauty

You can dream of roses too. I did…

The mask itself was infused with rose essential oil, and provides hydration and alleviates dryness helping to energize skin. It is enhanced with Recovery Essence 8—a proprietary blend that includes vervain flower, grapeseed oil, olive oil, clary sage oil, carrot oil, almond oil, rosehip and vitamin E. Lastly the Arnica is known for its healing properties to help revive skin as it reduces puffiness and cleanses pores

So I applied the mask, which I’m horrible at, letting the face cutouts on the side gives a little wiggle room for me to adjust the mask, which was good since I’m smaller proportioned. Then I sat and typed at my computer so I could GTD while I beautified my face! The mask was very cool on my face left it For about 20-25 minutes (even though the maker says 15-20 minutes), then removed it to find a glowing skin. There is a layer of remaining formula that I just let Remove the mask and allow the remaining formula to soak into the skin.


Don’t laugh… this is what beauty looks like!

What I liked about this mask is that it is made from 100% coconut fiber, which holds 20x its weight in water and adheres gently to the surface of the skin to ensure all the benefits infused in the mask can transfer and absorb into the skin and I COULD DEFINITELY VOUCH FOR THAT.

I really enjoyed the moisture that this face mask brought to my skin (and the occasional squishing it on my face. Flora•py Beauty sheet masks are available for individuals ($8), 5 packs ($38), and a multi-box assortment of 8 ($56) online at and



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