evo Salty Dog Spray

evo Salty Dog Spray

This week I’m all for the sultry salty beach look. After the sunburn wears off and the beach tan appears!

evo Salty Dog Spray

evo Salty Dog Spray

evo’s salty dog salt spray, a sea-esque mist designed to give your hair salty, Beach-based texture and a matte finish for natural beachy waves.

Just wash or dampen your hair and spray the hair. Then let those waves get into formation!

It was perfect for my day out on the boat… see… see! I looked hot and beach like (even on the lake. What I enjoyed about this is that I feel like it has a HOLD and it’s not JUST a spray. Plus the description on the bottle is HI-LAR-IOUS.

Get yours at for $32.95



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