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Keoni CBD Products

Elevating pain has gotten a bit easier with CBD. I love trying new CBD products and my new favorite brand is Keoni. They have a few different products in their line like tinctures, lotions and my favorite, gummies.

Here are a few of my favorite Keoni products

Keoni CBD Products
Keoni CBD Gummies


Keoni CBD gummies are a safe and natural relief supplement offered in the form of gummies. They are an all-natural composition available as flavorful gummy bears with unique and safe ingredients. The Keoni CBD gummies contain 100% organically full spectrum extracted hemp oil extract featuring safe and potent Cannabidiol compounds. The gummies are pure and free from contaminants.

A whole Keoni CBD gummies bottle contains 500mg of water-soluble CBD. Each gummy comprises 20mg of CBD. The Cannabidiol compounds in these gummies are made for high absorption rate and potency. Keoni CBD gummies have a unique formula comprising edible flavors that make them super easy to consume. They are a unique blend of 100% organic and herbal CBD ingredients. Also comes in 1000mg

Keoni Sport Pain Relief Gel
Keoni Sport Pain Relief Gel


Recovery is the key to peak performance. Our new Keoni Sport Pain Relief Spray utilizes our advanced relieving blend of 750mg pure CBD and natural menthol to target sore muscles and help you remain at the pinnacle of performance. We’re so dedicated to excellence that we optimized our bottle to fit your high-octane lifestyle with a lightweight aluminum container that travels easily and won’t get crushed by your gear.


CBD! Keoni 750mg Daily Moisture Cream
CBD! Keoni 750mg Daily Moisture Cream


A refreshing topical cream is finally available with CBD! Keoni 750mg Daily Moisture Cream contains pure CBD and other moisturizing elements! This wonderful blend absorbs quickly into your skin with a texture you’ll appreciate on contact. Rub this onto your problem areas and let those intensive ingredients go to work!

750mg Pure CBD




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