7 Fall Must Reads for Fitness and Booze

Everyone always asks me what I am reading. There’s always a book on my nightstand or a different book in my bag for my commute to the city. This fall it’s all about booze for me… and fitness. It’s ironic since I want to put my drinking on hiatus as I get back into fighting shape.

I digress. Here’s what I am reading and you should totally check out!

51YXR-GQd9L._SX340_BO1,204,203,200_Cooking with Booze – Food is good. Whether it’s the sweetest desserts or the freshest soups or the finest steaks, the culinary arts provide us with some of the richest sensual experiences that we are privy to. Alcohol is also good. Beer, whiskey, wine, rum, cider, brandy, tequila, absinthe: mankind’s multifarious methods of inducing intoxication run from the simple to the exotic—all with the same pleasurable effects. Cooking with Booze, therefore, brings together two of the world’s greatest achievements in an explosion of culinary genius. Culled from sources across the globe, this savory assortment features a wide range of delicacies to entertain every palette. From beer batter for onion rings to ribs braised in wine, from champagne oysters to the perfect penne a la vodka, Harvey Bone presents a delicious collection of easy-to follow recipes for even the tipsiest of chefs. C

51k56z49nDL._SX393_BO1,204,203,200_Cocktails with Benefits – Discover a new and innovative world of cocktail making, using fresh and exciting ingredients that will leave you with less of a hangover and more of a healthkick.  Cocktails with Benefits: 40 Naughty but Nourishing Cocktails by Nicole Herft  is packed with nutritious twists on well-known classics, such as Kombucha Pimms Punch; Kale, Pine, and Mint Daiquiri; G & Tea Heaven; Berry Sangria; Watermelon and Mint Mojito; and Pomegranate and Vanilla Cosmo; as well as supercharged cocktails such as Green Goddess Smoothie and Kefir Mango Lassi, along with playful treats of Beet Sherbet, Apple Cider-Tini, and Rum, Cacao, and Avocado Popsicles.

5127qPCycnL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Runner’s Workout Handbook – Expert and multi-sport coach Terri Schneider fire up your runs with a combination of skill training with variations in speed, distance, and technique as she presents 100 of the best running workouts designed for all experience levels. These expert-designed plans guide you to get the most out of your running program and helps you break through training barriers. Clearly, The Runner’s Workout Handbook for an effective and easy-to-follow series of running workouts designed to make for stronger, faster, and more proficient runners.  Whether you run competitively, to get fit or to stay fit, The Runner’s Workout Handbook is your complete guide to finding innovative and engaging running plans to make the most of your training time, providing a wide variety of workouts to keep you challenged and motivated, all while improving your performance.

51UsGlKLAwL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_Stay Fit For Life – They say 50 is the new 40, so make that a reality!   Stay Fit For Life: Functional Fitness Exercises to Future-Proof Your Body by YouTube Personality Joshual Kozak empowers you with the tools!  Stay Fit For Life helps to future-proof your body and restore strength and balance to your everyday movement with 62 functional exercises, targeted workout routines, and three four-week fitness programs.  Stay Fit For Life  empowers you to move with more ease and efficiency when performing functional movements such as bending, twisting, pushing, pulling, and reaching, to make everyday activities such as running, gardening, or playing with grandchildren both easier and more enjoyable. Unlike traditional resistance training that targets isolated muscle groups, the compound movement exercises in Stay Fit For Life engage multiple muscle groups at the same time, equipping people of all fitness levels to lead more active, dynamic lives for years to come.

519VyzRNi8L._SX351_BO1,204,203,200_Drink Vermont – Drink Vermont is an exploration of the flavors, people, and locations throughout the state. Famous for local resources, like maple syrup, and the stunning colors of the fall foliage, Vermont is the perfect destination for an informative and fun sample of recipes, interviews, and reviews of breweries and distilleries. Traveling north toward the Canadian border, west to the shore of Lake Champlain, into the Northeast Kingdom, through the state’s capital, and through the charming small towns of southern Vermont, Gershman takes readers on a visual journey through the seasons as they discover the unique tastes created in the Green Mountain State. Stops along the trip include The Alchemist, maker of the acclaimed Heady Topper (the top beer in America); Hill Farmstead, named the 2015 Best Brewery in the World; and Putney Mountain Winery, where they create wines like Apple Maple, Simply Pear, Rhubarb Blush, Putney Pommeau, Vermont Cassis, and Simply Cranberry using local fruits.

d7c7aa98b8d9e1e1438798fca900e930--fall-cocktails-books-to-buy.jpgThe Cocktail Party – When A-listers want to host a standout event, they call New York caterer Mary Giuliani. Her motto? Eat. Drink. Play. Recover. She prefers a “simple yet special” approach to entertaining but still manages to make the ordinary extraordinary. Now Mary is sharing all her secrets, along with tried-and-true planning tips, inventive menus, whimsical recipes, and delicious stories—everything you need to know to get your ducks in a row—and your pigs in their blankets!—to stage the perfect party for a range of special occasion


314sIhnTUiL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_drink. A Four Year Survival GuideThis cocktail guide for the Trump era includes 50 classic cocktail recipes with updated names and a drinker’s discussion guide. With cocktails like Mai Tai Too Long, White Russian Puppet and Don’t Drain the US Mint Julep, drink is the perfect holiday gift and a lively conversation starter.




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