drink. A Four Year Survival Guide

I’m not a crazy into politics but I saw this and thought it was kinda neat, drink. A Four Year Survival Guide. This cocktail guide for the Trump era includes 50 classic cocktail recipes with updated names and a drinker’s discussion guide. With cocktails like Mai Tai Too Long, White Russian Puppet and Don’t Drain the US Mint Julep, drink is the perfect summer host or hostess gift and a lively conversation starter.

Written by Amanda Orr and Laurie Gibson, two writers and communications consultants, the book was inspired by the relentless work of resisters everywhere.  The two decided their contribution to the resistance would be to provide comic relief and to raise money for the issues most at risk under the Trump Administration. A percentage of proceeds from the book will be donated to a range of environmental groups including Natural Resources Defense Council, Environmental Defense Fund and Greenpeace.

“A few months after the election, after many postcard writing parties and marches, we realized we were in for the long haul, and Trump opponents needed a good laugh, and that’s when drink. was born,” said Gibson. “We’ve decided to resist the best way we knew how — with witty content and a chance to raise money for worthy causes,” added Orr.

I got a kick out of making this and hope to make a few more drinks in the near future. Get your copy of drink HERE



  • Tracy C
    4 years ago

    I know a few people who this guide would be perfect for. The names of the drinks seem to be spot on.

  • Pam
    4 years ago

    I love the names of these drinks! But mostly I admire the authors’ follow through of donations to at-risk charities.

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