What to Drink During Saint Patrick’s Day

This St. Patrick’s Day, give the classic Paloma cocktail an Irish twist and swap that tequila out for The Busker Irish Whisky. Perfect for those who are very “flavor-curious” The Busker Paloma gives a whole new take on the classic cocktail leaving any curious palate wanting more!

While honoring the rich Irish heritage and whiskey-making style, The Busker Irish Whiskey goes beyond the lines of tradition with its bold and disruptive identity. 

The extraordinary Blend used in this unique Paloma recipe is The Busker Triple Cask Triple Smooth ($24.99), the brand’s best-seller expression. Made by blending all of The Busker’s Single Expressions (Single Malt, Single Pot Still), this is a beautifully yellow gold colored whiskey, full with an unmistakable rich body with well-balanced notes of tropical fruits and vanilla, malt, sweetness and dark chocolate, with more subtle notes of toffee, fudge and cinnamon add intensity. 

Would you like to try this recipe for St. Patrick’s Day? I would be more than happy to send you a sample of The Busker Blend, so you can try this wonderful twist on the classic Paloma for your readers!. 

Please find hi-res images at this link and I look forward to hearing from you! 

I also wanted to share two other whiskey cocktails to enjoy this St. Patrick’s Day! You can find the images of the cocktails at this link and the other recipes down below!

Born out of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hercules Mulligan quickly became one of the fastest growing ready-to-drink brands in the country, making a splash in the crowded $4.4 billion RTD industry. After creating its award-winning Irish-American Old Fashioned, Hercules Mulligan Rum & Rye, to much acclaim, the brand is introducing its second iteration, Hercules Mulligan Eyr & Rye, a limited-edition Irish-American Manhattan with just 2,000 coveted bottles available via Flaviar starting today.  

Hercules Mulligan the brand was inspired by the man himself – the tailor, Irish immigrant, spy and unsung hero of the American Revolution. Similarly to the Rum & Rye, the brand wanted to add an Irish twist to the classic Manhattan cocktail to honor Hercules Mulligan the man. Hercules Mulligan Eyr & Rye is a blend of four spirits, including three American Rye Whiskies and one Irish Whiskey, with a touch of cherry bitters and all-natural sweet and sour cherry juice. While simple in nature, this bottled Irish-American Manhattan is perfect savored right out of the bottle – on the rocks – while also proving to be an incredibly mixable ready-to-drink product making it a must-have for at-home imbibing and entertaining, as well as for professional bartenders alike.

Nearly three years ago, Hercules Mulligan co-founder and spirits industry veteran Steve Luttmann teamed up with Grisa Soba, co-founder of Flaviar, leading members club for fine spirits enthusiasts, and Mario Mazza of Mazza Vineyards, who became the master distiller for Hercules Mulligan Company. The trio – affectionately referred to as “The Three Musketeers” – have led the company to become one of the best-selling new brands in the liquor direct-to-consumer industry.

“We had a few goals for our next RTD product, and one of those goals was to further explore classic whiskey cocktails,” said Luttmann. “The Ery & Rye is a bottled Manhattan, which we feel is a natural next step for the brand. We started with Rum & Rye, a bottled Old Fashioned, and the Manhattan is not only a classic cocktail, but a classic rye cocktail. We found that the combination of Rye Whiskey and Irish Whiskey works really well together.”

Noah Rothbaum, Flaviar’s Head of Cocktails & Spirits added, “Hercules Mulligan keeps reinventing the bottled cocktails category and its new limited-edition Eyr & Rye is an innovative blend of two whiskey stalwarts.”

Hercules Mulligan will release just 2,000 bottles in the first batch of the Eyr & Rye, available exclusively on Flaviar starting today. Just as the brand did with its Rum & Rye, it will take into consideration consumer feedback from the Flaviar community to help shape the RTD and then launch the product into traditional markets next year.

Luttmann added, “The Flaviar community really helped build our company from the start, making Hercules Mulligan the number one rated brand on the platform after the launch of the Rum & Rye. It has proved so popular with one of the highest repurchase rates on Flaviar that we trust this process and have chosen a similar path for the Eyr & Rye.”

Writers’ Tears Red Head – SRP $69.99

The Writers’ Tears ‘Red Head’ Single Malt whiskey, the brand’s newest release, is matured in select handpicked Spanish sherry casks, previously seasoned with the finest Oloroso sherry. It is the influence of these scarce casks that give this expression of Writers’ Tears its signature rich and ruby hue, hence the moniker – ‘Red Head’. The expression is distilled without chill filtering, as nature intended at a distinctive 46% ABV.  


Orange peel, dried fruits, and sherry plums 


Nutty Oloroso, spicy raisins, and creamy oak 


Long and wonderfully complex with a flourish of orange. An unhurried journey.

Writers’ Tears Copper Pot – SRP $45

Writers’ Tears is a unique marriage of Aged Single Pot Still and Single Malt Irish whiskey. Distilled entirely from barley, both malted and unmalted, this is a truly special Irish Whiskey. Writers’ Tears is triple distilled, non-peated and matured in Flame Charred American Oak bourbon casks.

The Irishman Single Malt – SRP $54.99

This triple-distilled Single Malt paved the way, leading the Renaissance in rediscovering Irish Single Malts. It shaped a new future, taking us on a journey of discovery unlike any other. Matured in American Oak Bourbon and European Oak Oloroso Sherry casks to give exceptional flavor and complexity. Triple distilled and crafted from a mash bill made entirely of Irish barley. Rich, honeyed maltiness and soft notes of candied fruit come from the double maturation. 

 Black Irish Cream Liqueur by Mariah Carey will officially launch in areas of South America and the Caribbean this Spring. This marks the brand’s first international distribution, as it is currently only available in the U.S. 

“I am ecstatic to extend the reach of my cream-liqueur Black Irish to South America and the Caribbean,” said Mariah Carey. “My fans there have supported and given so much to me, so of course I wanted to create an opportunity for them to enjoy this delicious liqueur!”

Founded by global superstar, singer-songwriter Mariah Carey, the name of the brand is a nod to her heritage. It is crafted in Ireland with aged Irish whiskey and dairy sourced from Irish farms, resulting in its rich and decadent taste. Perfect to enjoy year-round, the beverage lends itself to both summer and winter specialty cocktails, and pairs well with every celebration.

Black Irish will release the full portfolio of flavors – Original, Salted Caramel and White Chocolate – upon its launch across the region and be available in 750 milliliters (SRP $29 USD). Locations in Mexico, Brazil, and the Bahamas will lead the way for Black Irish, with other markets following shortly thereafter. 

Black Irish was launched first in the U.S. in August 2021 to great success, after almost two years of development. Distributed in 48 U.S. states, this premium Irish cream liqueur is a fan favorite and the first spirit brand by Mariah Carey. 

To learn more and to find Black Irish near you, please visit



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