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Arden’s Garden – Weight Loss Cleanse

I’ve never done a juice cleanse but always wanted to. I recently received Arden’s Garden’s 1 day juice cleanse and had to try…

The main purpose of this cleanse is to lose weight and eliminate unhealthy processed foods from your diet. An added benefit of this cleanse is its ability to help with digestive issues and increase water consumption. The juices in this cleanse are low in calories and high in nutrients.

Before you start, Arden Garden recommends that you prepare your body by increasing your consumption of raw veggies and fruits and I was doing this at the best time since I was finishing up an anti-inflammatory diet with plenty of leafy greens and lean protien.

It’s recommended that you drink plenty of water throughout the day. This cleanse consists of 6 juices taken over the course of a day which includes:

·     Breakfast: Super Celery

·     AM Snack: Lean & Green

·     Lunch: Multigreen (or pH Solution)

·     PM Snack: Cucumber Lemonade

·     Dinner: Yoga 1

·     Before Bed: Super Celery

I would drink all these juices throughout the workday. It really helped that I was working from home just because I felt a little empty at times.

Doing the juice diet was definitely a feat and I’m happy I did it. I personally didn’t see my weight change the next day but I was at least a pound lighter the day after.




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