Vodka Tea

Sometimes you just need to spill a little tea over drinks with friends.

I’ve recently brewed a lot of amazing ice teas in advance since I am slowly becoming somewhat a tea hoarder.

I found tea has become a fun yet interesting way to mix drinks with over the years. For this, I wanted something fun yet sipable.

Vodka Tea

2.0 oz Adam Vodka

4.0 oz Lemon Tea

Top with seltzer

I made the drink in the rocks glass and stirred it.

For this cocktail, I used Adam Vodka that’s handcrafted by friends for friends. The spirit is made by Aerospace Engineer Adam Phan, he, and his friend Arkadi. Adam’ Vodka started with a simple goal “A drink made for connecting with people.”

I’m very tough when it comes to vodka, so I was so surprised when I tried Adam Vodka since it was smooth and delicious.

Drink up XO



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