Vinome launches the First DNA-based Wine Experience
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Vinome launches the First DNA-based Wine Experience

Vinome isn’t your garden-variety curated wine service. Founded in 2015 by a team of genetic scientists and wine experts, the first DNA-based wine experience harnesses the longstanding science of taste to pair wine lovers and wine discoverers with boutique wine selections on a much deeper level. Using DNA. Vino + genome = Vinome.

“After year of analyzing DNA to develop medicines for cancer, we started thinking,” said Sara Riordan, Vinome co-founder, “if there’s a gene that tells you whether you like Brussels sprouts or not, and whether you like cilantro or not, why aren’t we using genetics to tell people whether they would favor a certain wine?”

Vinome does just that. The profoundly personalized wine experience analyzes the nuances of taste preferences, along with 10 genetic markers related to smell and taste to identify eight unique Vinome taste profiles. Customer results will reveal primary wine flavor affinities along with how likely they are to respond to flavors such as traces of leather, minerals, honeysuckle, and more. From the bright, crisp citrus flavors of Vibrant Grove to the rich and complex flavors of The Big Bold, customers can shop for hard-to-find bottles curated specifically for their Vinome in the online store, or join the quarterly wine club. Either way, Vinome delivers direct to their doorstep.

“To date, we have developed relationships with boutique wineries in California, Oregon and Washington,” said Shannon Kieran, also a Vinome co-founder. “These are wines that are routinely rated favorably by the industry, though they are not typically sold in grocery stores or wine outlets. They’re amazing wines.”

Vinome is one of the first companies to apply the science of taste and the vast body of genetic research to a new and broadly accessible experience –a groundbreaking connection between a person’s DNA and lifestyle.

Ronald Andrews, Vinome co-founder and CEO, has spent most of his career in the molecular diagnostics industry. “The rigor around the science has been strong and thorough, and we’re proud of the time we have spent to get it right,” he said.

The Vinome process is quick and easy. Customers sign up online, take a taste preference survey and in a few days will receive a saliva kit and instructions. A postage paid envelope is provided for sending the sample to the lab, and in just a few weeks, they will receive their Vinome and access to the online store and wine club.

For more information or to start your Vinome journey, visit Or find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube at @myvinome.



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