The Westchester Saturday High Intensity Internal Training
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The Westchester Saturday High Intensity Internal Training

I love a good ole fashion workout challenge. I needed to find something different to do since my personal trainer wasn’t available over the week.

Conveniently, I was invited to check out one of Susan Sweats High-Intensity Interval Training at the Westchester Mall that weekend and it surely was an intense workout.

I got to the Connect Lounge at The Westchester Mall to find mats laid out for our workout with towels. As soon as I saw this, I knew I was going to break a sweat! I brought my Detoxwater to help give me a boost during the workout.

Susan Sweats High-Intensity
Susan Sweats High-Intensity

Our teacher Lindsay from FlyWheel Scardale, got us pumped with great tunes. We did plenty of squats, lunges, and planks. The class managed to do 45 minutes of heart racing activities.

Afterwards, we received a voucher for free parking and discount for The Little Beet for a job well done. It was totally worth it! This series will continue in the new year. I look forward to the next one!! 



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