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The Large-scale Sushi Event “True World Foods Expo 2022” Returns to New York for the First Time since the Pandemic – September 18, 2022

 On September 18th, I went to the True World Foods Expo 2022, which aims to promote sushi culture and the food culture of Japan, at The Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood. It was the first upscale food & restaurant business show in Manhattan since the Pandemic. It was truly a sushi lover’s paradise!

This year’s expo is the third installation of TWF’s signature event and the first in three years since 2019. It showcased approximately 50 food related companies from the United States and abroad, which specialize in the highest quality seafood, as well as the most popular Japanese food from around the world. 17 companies from Japan will join this time, compared to the previous event which had only 10. Throughout the day, there were several offer tastings of fresh fish such as Bluefin tuna, yellowtail, sea bream, salmon, sea urchin, and scallops, as well as the ever-popular wagyu. Each booth had a different fish that was deeply delicious

Also presented at the event are various Japanese food items including matcha green tea, yuzu, wasabi, and nori seaweed, plus up-and-coming food items such as plant-based kukzukiri jelly, sake ice cream, and vegan ramen. Hida wagyu, highly prized wagyu beef in Japan, will also be served by a wagyu expert from Japan. At the booth exhibited by Shizuoka Prefecture, Crown Melon, known as the King of melon, will be featured. Additionally, Japan’s high-class kitchen knife brand “Aoki Cutlery” and esteemed Arita porcelain & ceramics will sell their wares at special promotion prices only on this day. Furthermore, at TWF’s own tasting booth, they will hold a “sushi a la carte”, a showcase of premium fish selected by the company’s sushi specialists. They will also serve “yatai” street food such as takoyaki balls and gyoza dumplings by Osho.

The main event of the Expo is the “Tuna Cutting Demonstration”. A Bluefin tuna Over 400 lbs will be properly butchered and cut right before the eyes of the attendees to celebrate eating these exclusive ingredients. Executive Chefs from top-rated NYC restaurants (Chef Yoshida and Iimori from Blue Ribbon, Chef Shibata from Hatsuhana, Chef Suzuki from ICCA, and Chef Oyama from Sushi Ryusei) will serve sushi using fresh toro, chu-toro, and akami. After the fish was cut, attendees enjoyed the freshest Bluefin tuna and various fresh sushi-grade fish, as well as samples the latest trends in Japanese food – making this one of the largest sushi events in NY. .

We had a great time eating out way through Metropolitan Pavillion. It was truly a memorable experience, I’ll never forget.



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