S•O•L CBD Facial Cleanser

S•O•L CBD Facial Cleanser

CBD is the hottest beauty trend right now. Not only does it make your skin feel nice and tingly, but actually has great benefits like clearing up acne.

S•O•L (stands for Strains of Life) —  a wellness and beauty company that has really delved into the science of CBD and what it can do for the skin. The result is a luxury line of CBD-laced skin care products that form a comprehensive regimen from cleansing and toning to hydration, anti-aging, acne care and more. Each product contains 20% CBD made from American-grown hemp.

Their S•O•L CBD Facial Cleanser is ultra-lightweight & deep penetrating, our cleanser is designed to clean deep into pores while replenishing with natural extracts & CBD.

This product doesn’t contain ordinary detergent agents responsible for suds & slip, but rather is of a lotion consistency to apply & massage smoothly into the skin. Blended with 20mg of pure CBD.



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