Queen City Hemp CBD Seltzers

Queen City Hemp CBD Seltzers

Looking for a guilt-free, stress-relieving drink without the hangover? Something that pairs well with active, fitness-fueled lifestyles?

A non-alcoholic beverage gift of the Queen City Hemp CBD Seltzers (America’s FIRST CBD Seltzer) is perfect for high strung mompreneurs, she-EOs, dieters & fitness lovers, and those dedicated to consuming products with clean ingredients. 

Exchange the coffee, booze and energy drinks and try stocking CBD seltzer in that office or home refrigerator!  Added bonus: it’s calorie, sugar and sodium free (even vegan friendly!)

Queen City Hemp CBD Seltzers
Queen City Hemp CBD Seltzers

The seltzer water comes in four artisanal, natural flavors: passion fruit, guava, lemon lavender and blood orange. With 5mg of cannabidiol, it will give you a calming boost of natural focused energy. As the lowest dose CBD beverage on the market, it’s just the right dose to experience benefits without drowsiness or impairment. 

Ideal for moms who need to survive teeth brushing resistance on through to bedtime with enough stamina left to finish that late night work proposal! Or perfect for sober social sipping when a big athletic performance is on the horizon.



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