Skincare Products That Are So Amazing Adults Want to Use Them Too

Skincare Products That Are So Amazing Adults Want to Use Them Too

All that hand washing and hand sanitizing makes us feel like we’re in the middle of winter with dry hands and not the beginning of spring with dewy skin!  With an abundance of skincare products that are full of chemicals and round-the-clock moisturizing to combat the drying, it’s no surprise that adults are turning to natural baby skincare brands for relief. 

Infant skincare is known for being more gentle, and adults are reaping the same benefits as baby when it comes to soft skin. And it makes perfect sense!  Zoey Naturals was developed by a mom and dad, Kelsey and Danny Richards, who decided they didn’t want their baby Zoey to use products that irritated her skin.  They also didn’t want to be forced to pay the high prices of more natural brands.  Here are their favorite picks that moms (and dads) have admitted to using on themselves, and not just on baby.
From multipurpose belly balms to head-to-toe body wash that leave skin soft and supple, check out the product below from Zoey Naturals that are loved by parents and babies alike.

Despite the fact that this Vanilla & Grapefruit Body Butter is specially formulated to moisturize and soothe baby’s itchy skin, it’s equally as wonderful for adults.  Not only does it deliver intense hydration for dry skin, but it also contains jojoba, mango, rose hips, and vitamin e to relieve skin irritations. Some moms swear by it to help remove stretch marks!

Babies love a gentle massage, and this Soothing Lavender Body Oil is a great way to soothe their skin and relax them ahead of a good night’s sleep. For adults, it’s a fantastic way hydrate skin while calming lavender helps to diminish stress. We all need that right now!



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