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Ron del Barrilito Rum Tasting- April 17, 2023

On April 17, I joined Ron del Barrilito for a special mixology event at Fraunces Tavern where I learned more about the Puerto Rican based brand and its various rums, as well as participated in a fun cocktail-making class.

We all gathered and sat by a few different glasses with different expressions of Ron del Barrilito Rum. There before us were their Two Stars, Three Stars and Four Stars. Each had different notes from apricot to banana. As the group, we tried each glass figuring out the flavoring profiles of each glass. My favorite was the Three Stars, a blend of rums aged between 6 and 10 years in “Oloroso” white oak barrels.

After the tasting, we learned how to make an Old Fashioned made with Ron del Barrilito Rum. The Old Fashioned was completely elevated with rum, making it a more sippable drink than the OG whiskey version.

Then after our mixology session was complete, we had Bayamon Mules and delicious sliders and snacks.

As I look forward to this summer, I know rum is definitely on the cocktail menu and I will certainly be mixing with Ron del Barrilito Rum.



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