RA.D8 - Grab and Glow Beauty Skincare Soda
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RA.D8 – Grab and Glow Beauty Skincare Soda

RA.D8 is a must-try for those who demand the best in skincare and beauty, as it perfectly embodies the intersection of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle.

Grab a can and glow. The beautiful slim can, blends premium elegance with a visual nod to high-end skincare brands developed by former international model Autumn Kendrick.

For $4.49, the collagen infused sparkling RA.D8 comes in four flavors, and is perfect for a skin self-care from the WFH, on the go during the commute, or even mixed with a little cocktail for a party with benefits. I am happy to send you samples or set up a time for you to learn more. 
Uses that make this product so desirable include:

  1. Collagen Complex with Elastin: Stimulates skin to lift and tone sagging areas and minimize lines and wrinkles, while increasing skin’s ability to retain moisture
  2. Tomato Oil Extract: The Lumenato in this product helps your skin shine and reduce collagen loss – Tomato on your skin is really all the rage!
  3. Sea Buckthorn Extract Op 2.0: This helps with an increase in skin hydration and elasticity, as well as a reduction in wrinkles.



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