How To Drink More Water

How To Drink More Water

We all know that water is good for us. More than that, we know we need it to survive. So why do so many of us not drink enough? Figures suggest that around twenty percent of us don’t drink the recommended amount of water every day. Yet by changing how we do things, we can easily fix this problem and become healthier as a result. Once you start drinking the right amount of water, you’ll certainly notice the difference in terms of your energy levels, how easy it is to move around, and even how great your skin looks. 

If you don’t think you drink enough water, read on because we have some useful tips on how to ensure you start drinking much more. 

Flavor The Water

A lot of the time, it’s not that we just forget to drink or that we’re not thirsty, it’s that we don’t like the taste of water. Or rather, the fact that there is barely a taste at all. If there was a choice between water and something that tasted better, most people are going to choose the nicer-tasting drink, even if it’s not as hydrating as pure water would be. 

In order to get past this issue, you just need to flavor your water. This doesn’t mean adding lots of sugar or calorie-laden cordial to the water, but you can do other things. You can infuse your water with fruit such as lemons or kiwis, for example. You can also use skinny syrups to add flavor. As long as your choice is a healthy one, if adding flavor means you drink more water, it’s a good thing. 

Drink A Glass After Every Bathroom Break

If you can get into a routine when it comes to drinking water, it will become easier and soon become a habit that you don’t have to think about. One good way to get started with this is to drink a glass of water every time you have a bathroom break. By going to the bathroom, you will have dehydrated a little, so it’s an easy way to remember to rehydrate with some water. 

The more you drink, the more you’ll go to the bathroom, and that means you’ll drink more because of the system you’ve set up. That’s great for your health in a number of ways, so it’s an ideal habit to get into. 

Use An App

In the modern world, many people find it easier to do things when an app is involved, and perhaps your drinking water habits will be improved if you follow this idea. You can download a variety of apps that will help you track how many glasses of water you drink each day or even each hour. You can set an alarm to tell you when you’ve gone too long without drinking too, which can be a great thing if you find you often forget because you’re busy. No matter what option you choose, drinking enough water throughout the day is the best thing you can do if you want to stay healthy and feel good.



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