Give Your Fall Fitness A Coconut Boost!

Give Your Fall Fitness A Coconut Boost!

Put down the protein powder and pick up Conscious Coconut!

Crafted using a cold-pressed method that is never exposed to toxic/harsh chemicals and using sustainably sourced ingredients, Conscious Coconut is NOT your everyday coconut oil and is packed with everything you’ll need to power up your workout:

  • Before Workout – Conscious Coconut’s medium chain fatty acids are easy for your body to metabolize without putting stress on your digestion system, send it right to your liver to give you a boost of energy! 
  • During Workout – Conscious Coconut’s natural anti-bacterial properties protect against odor causing bacteria while also moisturizing underarms to prevent irritation
  • Post Workout – Conscious Coconut is thermogenic, increasing your body’s fat burning abilities, blend a bit into your smoothies, shakes or pre-workout for an added calorie burning kick! 



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