Pumpkin Season Cocktail

Pumpkin Season Cocktail

Two things I absolutely love are bourbon and pumpkin

The other night I was mixing with some Clyde May’s bourbon until I had an idea to try the Pumpkin syrup I had in the refrigerator with it.

Pumpkin Season
Pumpkin Season

Pumpkin Season

  • 2.0 oz Clyde Mays Whiskey
  • 1.0 oz Pumpkin Sytup
  • Splash of club soda
  • Rose to garnish

This low maintenance drink tasted amazingly good. I made it in a shaker and strained it into a coup. Garnish with some rose petals and it looks (and tastes amazing.

Clyde May's Cocktail
Clyde May’s Cocktail

Drink up! Xo



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