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Olfactory NYC Fragrance Event – November 2, 2023

Are you looking for a unique NYC experience or maybe just a special gift for someone? Look no further than the Olfactory NYC!

I was fortunate to fo Olfactory NYC Press Event earlier this month to create a personalized fragrance of my own. The first step was to pick out a base made from one of the legendary noses. I was able to choose from floral fresh scents to warm tobacco scents, and everything in between. Once I settled on my pick, I moved to the next station where we paired the not notes to the base.

Our guide gave us a few choices to pair with our base scents. Once we narrowed it to 3-5 pairings, I tried each on my skin and smelled it outside. This helped me to figure out what I truly liked and get the full experience.

Once the fragrance is chosen, you get to name your fragrance and choose the color for the packaging.

The location I went to was in the West Village but there’s another location in Soho. You can purchase a kit for the holidays so they can experience this at home. I had fun making my own perfume and relive the time creating it every time I spritz it.

Olfactory is sold online at



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