Be a Princess for Day with Red Carpet Rocks

Be a Princess for Day with Red Carpet Rocks

Reese Baguette Cut

Reese Baguette Cut

Sometimes you need that extra OOMPH to that outfit to make the ordinary extraordinary!  Even the smallest detail can make a boring outfit stand completely out and polished.

Inspired by the world’s most illustrious designers, Red Carpet Rocks is an exclusive collection of luxe costume jewelry available for rent.

Faux is fabulous, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style, quality craftsmanship or your budget. Red Carpet Rocks believes in the transformative power of accessories to turn your outfit into a look and make you feel like a star.

Through a curated collection of earrings, necklaces and bracelets that appear real without the price tag, Red Carpet Rocks is making celebrity style accessible to everyone. I decide to rent the Reese Baguette Cut Crystal Necklace. It was delivered to my office and ready to wear over the weekend for my BBQ.

You have two days to wear your rocks. If you become attached, you may buy the piece. Pretty cool, right? The service is only available for NYC residents.

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