Booze Can't Drink it Nor Wear it

New Year’s 2024 Resolution Guide

After a crazy 2023 and an indulgent holiday, it’s time to detox, and prepare for a new year.

Here’s a few items to position you for a wonderful year.

Clausthaler IPA
Clausthaler IPA

If cutting back on alcohol, Clausthaler Dry Hopped IPA is a good option. It’s crisp full bodied brew with hoppy character, thanks to its 40 IBUs from Cascade hopsmalty with hints of caramel and a long aftertaste unfiltered with a deep golden appearance

The Nine Shifts
The Nine Shifts

The Nine Shifts

The Nine Shifts takes a new approach to solving the age-old struggle of losing weight and gaining it back. Unlike traditional approaches that focus primarily on diet or exercise to change one’s body, The Nine Shifts starts with transforming the mind as a prerequisite to achieving lasting change in the body. 

By guiding readers on how to take an “inside-out,” mind-first approach to their body transformation, The Nine Shifts empowers readers to gain greater self-awareness and prevent setbacks in consistency caused by mental obstacles such as emotional eating, limiting beliefs, and wavering motivation. 

Written for professionals over 40, the book also guides readers on how to elevate a slowing metabolism in order to shed fat and boost energy through the mechanisms of strength training, optimizing their nutrition, and enhancing their sleep. 

To ensure lasting change, the author includes strategies for overcoming work and life-related obstacles that can derail us from staying consistent with our health habits, such as high stress, limited time, travel, or social events. 

The author, Deekron Krikorian, MBA, is a former corporate strategy consultant turned transformation expert. He and his team have successfully coached more than 120 over-40 professionals, one-on-one, on how to achieve a lasting transformation in mind and body since 2018. 



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