OK, but first...Coffee Bean Face Cream

OK, but first…Coffee Bean Face Cream

100% Pure is excited to announce the launch of Coffee Bean Face Cream, a spin off of the best selling Coffee Bean Eye Cream that will restore sun damage, tighten, brighten, and make your skin glow from the caffeine rush. The official launch date for Coffee Bean Face Cream is October 1st, 2022.

100% Pure is betting the Coffee Bean Face Cream will be the next bestseller, after they started the coffee craze in skin care with the famous Coffee Bean Eye Cream that has sold over 2 million units since its launch in 2005.  The main purpose of caffeine in skincare is to heal UV damage.  As a stimulant, coffee also increases circulation which immediately brightens the complexion for a healthy glow. After soft launching the Coffee Bean Face Cream, all units sold out within a week. A restock of this upcoming bestseller will be available soon.



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