Luxie Bronze & Glow Gift Set

Looking to keep that summer glow all year long.

A six-piece brush and sponge set from Luxie is absolutely amazing with all the tools you need to create a flawless base and sun-kissed summer glow. To use these are truly luxurious. Each bristle is so light on the skin that you don’t feel a scratch. It’s so light – um did I say that already?

This beautiful set includes a Detail Blender Sponge, Precision Blender Sponge 640 Pro Precision Tapered Brush, 504 Large Angle Brush and 660 Precision Foundation Brush

The blender sponges are purrfect. The Detail Blender Sponge is for blending out color corrector and concealer under the eyes, around the nose and mouth and over any blemishes for a perfected base before applying foundation. While Precision Blender Sponge is designed for seamless foundation application. Use the flat sides to blend the foundation out all over the face. The angled tip is also ideal for applying and blending contour products on the cheeks, forehead and jawline.

The 640 Pro Precision Tapered Brush is ideal for soft application of pigmented cream or powder blush or highlight products. While the 504 Large Angled Brush is just right for applying your favorite powder or cream blush, bronzer or contour products to your cheeks or the hollows of your face to define and accentuate your best features. Last but not least the Precision Foundation Brush is just right for liquid and cream foundation for a streak-free medium coverage finish.

I think I’m throwing out my old brushes after this… I’ll never be the same.

Bloomingdales, $75



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